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Distributing Tore Loves Eliza

Posted in Dollhouse and gaming with tags , , , , on September 19, 2011 by toresimonsen

As some know, I made a video game based upon my experiences.

I am shifting gears to some real space distribution of my video game, Tore Loves Eliza.

Internet distribution appears to have its limitations. While youtube is great for storing a trailer for the game, many forums are not open to posts which link to third party sites. Many sites that are open are so flooded with information that your post is likely to be overlooked. I will not reiterate the many problems I have had on sites like Craigslist, Twitter, MySpace, and so many others.

Instead, I am moving forward with trying to get the information in the game out by trying to connect with people in real space. Of course, real space distribution costs more in materials. Still, I am hoping that I can make my distribution of the program affordable and effective.

As part of the campaign, I have created a new promotional poster for Tore Loves Eliza.

I am also creating some new cover art for the distribution of the DVDs.

Here is what the game looks like in a jewel case now:

It looks a lot more professional. Using simple Avery style 6180 labels, I simply print a small title for each disc. Office Max is charging me about 68 cents per page of color printing. Each poster takes a page, but the images for the DVD can be printed two per page.

As for distributions, I am simply looking for just about anywhere I can find to promote the game. Here is an example of creative distribution. A simple tack on a public message board with some discs tacked along in sandwich bags and DVD sleeves.

I am also trying to give a copy to the library so they will add it to their collection.

I also postered a coffee shop and will continue to look for places I can promote the game.

In any event, as I explained in readme file for the game, people are free to distribute the game. Feel free to download, burn the DVD, throw it in a jewel case with the aforementioned cover art or just print the afformentioned poster and hang it on a public message board- like at a coffee shop.

Summary Judgment Arguments

Posted in Dollhouse and censorship with tags , , , , , , on September 15, 2010 by toresimonsen

The court hearing on the Catholic Charities case was today. Catholic Charities moved for summary judgment.

I made myself available by telephone for the court to call as I am in Elko, Nevada.

The hearing began with the court asking whether I was going to be available for trial. It is a good question. I could only say that I anticipated I could attend, but obviously the lack of money and the distance pose enormous problems.

After that, it was a long question and answer session by the judge. I feel that my earlier written pleadings do a much better job of trying to clarify the situation than my oral presentation. Given the fact that the proceedings began at 6:45 a.m. pacific time this is no surprise.

I am not sure how long it will take for the judge to issue a ruling.

Basic background about the case can be found here.

The legal documents for summary judgment can be viewed here.

Other legal documents relating to the case are here.

Gaming notes.

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It’s always interesting to see how different gaming environments operate. Let’s take a brief tour.

We begin with the issue of lag. As most people know, the ISP (Frontier Communications) is now front and center and requires some kind of proof of lag. I took a few Xfire videos. On the subject of lag, I highly recommend “Watch the clock”. Do I have lag? You decide.

I’ve decided to try to work on my bowhunting skills in TF2. Apparently, Eliza Dushku loves to bowhunt! She has gotten into a small amount of controvery over it. Despite the lag, and my noobishness at bowhunting, I’m supporting Eliza.

Over @Battlefield: Heroes, I was finally able to get BF:H to work again. The culprit was apparently a Symantec live updater which was blocking Heroes. In my absence, Heroes apparently added a new level. Consistent with their environmental design practices, the level places huge emphasis on a natural combat landscape. Not sure what to think about the level yet, as I have only played it twice. Here’s a screen shot:

The controversy regarding DICE’s decision to sell weapons advantages continues. I still do not believe that DICE should sell any kind of weapons advantage. As much as I like DICE, I doubt I would have volunteered for the Beta had that been the case. There are already games that sell advantages.

Nothing seems to suggest a vote on features in Battlefield Heroes anytime soon.

While hardly a binding vote, I started a poll over on the Elements forum asking if players would play more if the upgrades cost less. The debate is getting a bit off point, but it’s probably a healthy topic for discussion. I like the fact that they allow registered users the freedom to start polls on topics. It seems like a great way to get the conversation started. The request for player submitted cards is also a good feature. Still, I’m a bit concerned by the way the tournaments are run though.

Finally, regarding tournaments, I started a thread on the steam forums about an experience I had several years ago. I came across the file on an old hard drive and thought I would post it. In coming full circle on this post an even more controversial post regarding customer service is on the 2142 forums.

Einstein’s Pachabel

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A small video montage I threw together a long time ago, which is still on the main website I set up. The music is by Einstein and is downloadable on Stone Oakvalley’s Sid collection.

The rest of my videos can be viewed on my youtube channel.

FYI, I am…

Posted in Dollhouse and gaming with tags , , on August 25, 2010 by toresimonsen

playing Team Fortress 2. Or I was until the laginess got to me. A friend of mine gave me a 9800GTX PCI-E video card. I promptly swapped some components around to get it working in a computer and I was ready to game. Or so I thought. It turns out, the ISP I’m using was not giving me the “provisional” speeds (e.g. the correct bandwidth). This appears to have resulted in laginess and ping spikes. Tech support will be out in 24-48 hours to try to correct the problem. Until then, I guess I won’t be playing TF2. Here’s a screenie for your amusement.

Update: So tech support came out and they say I am getting correct provisional speeds and they are not sure what they can do about the ping spikes. The ping spikes get as high as 750ms.


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It is clear to me that things have not worked out the way they were supposed to at any step along the way. It would be impossible for me to ignore the actions people have taken to see this is the case.

It is unfortunate that I will not be able to attend the mediation tomorrow in the case with Catholic Charities, but I am in Nevada with $6. I am not sure what will happen next in light of my inability to participate in the mandatory mediation.

A lot of things were lost in the last year. My car is gone. The digital camera mysteriously disappeared. I had to abandon property I could not store while homeless.

I am not currently homeless.

I have access to my books again. Most of the books do not speak to me right now as I am only interested in love. I did find one essay which has peaked my interest and does speak to me. It reminds me that while I have not married Eliza Dushku, as I desperately wanted to, my love for her is all that truly matters.

I think of her all the time. I distract myself as much as I can, but I am left completely aware of my longing for her.

Joss Whedon Autographed Unofficial Script from Comic-con

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Here is a photograph of the Joss Whedon autographed unofficial 4th script. The scripts were written by me for Eliza Dushku.