My reasons for doing this.

I love Eliza.

Over several months, I wrote some unofficial scripts which I want to give to her for free. My attempts have failed.

Despite this, I’m still doing everything in my power to help Eliza by trying to save her show.

The good news is I’m collecting signatures, I now have digital copies of my scripts, and I’ve met a lot of helpful people along the way. I only hope and wish that someday I can meet Eliza and give her my scripts. Nothing else matters to me.

5 Responses to “My reasons for doing this.”

  1. I can see you are very passionate in this, but realistically speaking it is a long shot of this series getting renewed. Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles seemed to have a larger fan base and was stilled canceled by Fox. I enjoyed the show too, but could see the flaws like too many episodes that didn’t really get the overall storyarch moving. It is a shame that the series is just now really getting into motion with great storylines at the end of its run. But even if it gets saved, where will they go from here? It seems as if they’re preping the show for a solid ending for a swan song. My question to you is what will you do come Feb. if this shows gets canned for good? If you know Fox’s track record, they don’t like to give up rights to other stations even if they do cancel it. Just look at Family Guy, canceled but only allowed reruns to air on other networks, once they revived the series, Fox took all the glory and brought it back for their own ratings.

  2. You have some serious issues. You seem fixated on one television show…I’m guessing that you are more concerned about the cancellation of the show than the actors who star in it.

    Handing out hand written slips of paper to strangers in downtown Minneapolis is counter productive to your recovery. You really need to talk with a professional.

    • Before recommending treatment, please at least watch the video of Rep. Tim Walz and read the email by Dr. Tom Grace. I am in love with Eliza Dushku. I will save her show.

  3. Dennis Sappleton Says:


    You do know Eliza is just an actor on the show, right? I don’t know why she’d want your scripts.

    It is a really good show, and I’m sorry it got cancelled – but

  4. Sir,

    Love is a reciprocal thing between humans. It cannot be otherwise. If one does not love the other, than the other’s claims of love are misguided and useless. Unless, that person truly does love the other, and in doing so, agrees to let go and move on. You know this much to be true. So be a man. Move on.

    Now, your blog concerning your hmeless ventures is valuable, well-written and actually informative and fun to read. this is where you should focus. Tell the story of your adventure.

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