Mental Health Records.

I have been trying to get out of the mental health system for a while now. The mental health “professionals” think that I am crazy for loving Eliza Dushku and writing scripts for her. I would be crazy not to. No matter how many times I try to explain that I am not a threat to myself or anyone else and feel perfectly healthy, I get nowhere with them. Here is page 1 and page 2 of my initial intake form.

I also spoke to Rep. Tim Walz about mental health issues. I wrote about this on the blog.

Note that Dr. Tom Grace conceded the diagnosis was love.

The link to the medical records appears to be blocked by Free hostia. So I will upload the pages manually.

Intake Records

And page 2:

Unspecified mania- or LOVE!

The links are here:

20 Responses to “Mental Health Records.”

  1. hey,

    i am sure you heard this before, but i am writing in the vain hope that you will hear it this time. Crazy people are unable to know/understand that they are crazy. with that in mind, please hear me when i say ‘you are crazy.’

    I am sorry, but it appears to be true.

  2. No one thinks you are crazy. They think you have a chemical imbalance in your brain.

    I have to agree that you show symptoms that may not make you a threat to anyone, but prevent you from functioning in society as an independent adult.

  3. I have been on medication for major depression for 12 years.
    Mental illness runs in my family. My mother suffers from major depression and many of my other family members too.

  4. if you’re hapy & you’re not harming anybody, i say have @ it, save the show, hook with Eliza! best wishes buddy

  5. I’m sad for you, my friend. It’s not pity that I feel…it’s just literally sadness for what you are dealing with and going through. I think that “M” is wrong–you are proving to be very resourceful and cunning even as an underdog at the moment. But I think that “Mike Dean” is also very wrong. I think there is territory between “everything is fine–go for it” and “you are crazy” and I think that you have to define what that territory is going to be. Your decision to be on the street is tough, but I have to believe that the shelters have rules (you even blog about them) that aren’t the most favorable. Don’t you stand to do yourself and your campaign the greatest good by being stable in at least one aspect of your life–your shelter? I’m not pushing…and I’m sure as hell not judging…but as your friend I’m giving you some of your own advice: “retreat to advance.” You accomplish nothing to become a Tore-cicle without any fliers.
    I love you like a brother,

    • Happy holidays Tom. I appreciate the comments. I hope things are going well in Atlanta. While I was in Los Angeles, we discussed the “retreat to advance” options, and I honored the suggestions of friends and family, but it served no one very well. At least in the shelter, I have the necessary freedom to operate.

      • Happy Holidays to you too, my friend. I’m wishing you all the very best and hoping for even more. Cheers.

  6. […] I have also had to deal with the mental health community, which I have explained in multiple posts. […]

  7. […] I have also had to deal with the mental health community, which I have explained in multiple posts. […]

  8. Interesting Blog. The links labeled Page 1 and Page 2 appear to be bad as they take me to a webhosting site instead of the promised intake forms.

    I like your style. Are you into making money with your blogs?

  9. General Disinterest Says:

    I think the mental illness you suffer from is narcissism.

  10. i love Eliza Dushku
    the difference between me and u , is that im 16, and i know what boundaries are.
    u do seem a little overboard, and in this society, every little thing can be classed as a disorder or mental illness , so u shouldnt be giving anyone an excuse to think of you that way, because i’m sure ur perfectly sane, but u might not come across as that

    • At least the Doctor’s finally concluded it was love. Love is not in the DSM-IV, so it took the mental health community some time to understand what most people consider a basic human emotion.

  11. Well, it may be love, but there is kind of a fine line between standard love and weird stalkerish love, and I think you are approaching the latter a bit much. Besides, how can you really call it love? You love the TV persana and what you’ve seen online. It’s a very shallow thing that you are laying very deep commitments on. You know almost nothing about her and who she is as an individual.

    That doesn’t even consider the crossing of boundaries between fantasy and reality. The fantasy is that she’ll love you in return and that you have a chance with her. The reality is that she makes a lot of money, her friends and likely any partners will be from her peer group (hollywood stars and etc). Not to mention that even if your story got any interest from her, how likely is it that a well-to-do film star would have any interest in a homeless guy who is obsessed by her? Girls tend to find that sort of thing more on the creepy side than romantic.

    That being said, I think that it is significantly healthier to move on with your life, buy the boxed set of Dollhouse and watch it when the mood strikes you and try to find a real woman that you have a decent chance with that you can have a meaningful relationship with. It’s one thing to find a star beautiful and have an interest, heck even jacking off to pics of them probably isn’t unhealthy (just as long as you keep that to yourself), but once you start going for the long odds and unrealistic expectations as if they were going to happen, it’s just asking for trouble.

    I hope things get better for you. If past experience is any indicator (Firefly for example), I don’t think you’ll have much luck saving Dollhouse, but good luck with it. 🙂

  12. […] At netroots, I begin with Rep. Tim Walz’s statement that people were being “warehoused” in mental health facilities without need or benefit. View the video response here. […]

  13. Nice site. The images are not very clear though… but a great read.

    • Thank you. I know the photographs were not the best in the world. The circumstances were not great either and I consider myself somewhat fortunate to have been able to document as much as I did.

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