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Einstein’s Pachabel

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A small video montage I threw together a long time ago, which is still on the main website I set up. The music is by Einstein and is downloadable on Stone Oakvalley’s Sid collection.

The rest of my videos can be viewed on my youtube channel.


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I continue to flier everywhere I can. In addition to the Mall of America, I ended up downtown again. Most of the time, I end up in downtown.

I took a break at the Saloon in Minneapolis. I had a brief conversation with a friend while handwriting more fliers. After that, I resumed my work.

I finished the night watching the Holidazzle parade again.

Twinkle Bus

Twinkle Bus

I also caught a bit of the performance of Twin Cities Bronze. They are a musical group specializing in the music and art of english handbells. They were playing in Macy’s store. The downtown continues to be filled with holiday celebrations and music.

Twin Cities Bronze

Twin Cities Bronze Bell ringers.

Speaking of bell ringing, I’ve spoken to many members of the Salvation Army bellringers- some who come out of the shelters. They appreciate the perks people give them- rail tokens, bus tokens, and the occassional cup of coffee.

The most disappointing thing was running out of handwritten fliers. I am doing my best to save the show for Eliza. Running out of fliers is the hardest part of the canvassing.

I went back to the homeless shelter at night and there I was able to handwrite more fliers for today.

I really need your help to get the show saved.

Triple Rock- Solid as always.

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I finished the night at the Triple Rock. Some confusion, but otherwise another productive evening. I appreciate the willngness of the staff to allow me to collect signatures even during a very busy night. It takes a lot of courage for businesses to open up to signature collection. THANK YOU. The Triple Rock is the only bar/night club that has let me collect inside- not once, but twice.

Two bands were playing- Friendly Fires and XX. The show had been sold out for weeks. There was no way I was getting in. In the bar, I did, however, manage to meet some Dollhouse fans (Firefly fans), and many people eager to listen. I met some very talented people, like the artist sketching penguins carrying umbrellas. I want to thank all of the people who signed the letters to TNT. I appreciate your willingness to listen.

Triple Rock Social Club

Sign outside the Triple Rock

The night ended with a bike ride back to Shoreview. Late night, but worth it.

Free Fallin

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The band Free Fallin is playing at Famous Daves in Minneapolis, MN on Saturday, November 27, 2009 at 9 pm. It has a $5 cover. As some of you know, I posted about this band earlier. It is a tribute band to Tom Petty. It features Dale Peterson, a fellow alumni of the Zeta Sigma chapter of ATO.

Colleges Against Cancer Event

Posted in Dollhouse and cancer, Dollhouse and music on November 19, 2009 by toresimonsen

Tonight, I attended the Colleges against Cancer event at the University of Minnesota. It was awesome. The organizer, Megan, did an incredible job of putting together a very fun event. The music was absolutely incredible. It began A cappella and spun off into spoken words poetry with a very intense musical finish. All the artists were absolutely incredible and inspiring.

The art and fun did not take away from the seriousness of the evening. It is estimated there will be 219,440 new cases of lung cancer. There will be 159,390 cases of death. More women die from lung cancer each year than from breast cancer.

At the University of Minnesota they are already signing students up for the relay for life event. Students that register by Sunday midnight pay only $5 for the relay for life event.

Northstar line

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Today, I collected signatures at the opening of the new Northstar Line commuter train. I ended up collecting signatures outside of the MTC property on the road by the Minneapolis station for the rest of the day. The good news is I collected a lot of signatures. I almost ran out of signature sheets.

It was very cold. I took breaks to warm up in inside the tent. There was some good music playing by Inukshuk Pass. They played a really long set.

At the end of the night, I was lucky enough to catch the sweeper train home. I had no idea that an extra train was collecting those of us who missed our trains home. An MTC staffer was kind enough to loan me their phone so I could arrange for a pick up at the Fridley station. So overall, I want to thank everyone who made the day a great way to meet people, celebrate the new trains, and enjoy the events.

I like the train a lot. I hope they add more service from the downtown to suburban destinations though. It only seems fair. Also, the cost of the train seems a bit high. Nevertheless, it is a great new addition to the Twin Cities and I’m sure it will only get better.

Here are some photos of the train.

Northstar Line

The Northstar Line

Northstar Line in Minneapolis

Here are some Northstar Line trains in Minneapolis.

Went to Drinking Liberally in Minneapolis

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Hung out at the 331 club and met up with some bloggers. After DL and during the music show, handed out Dollhouse fliers. Thanks for the beers and the company, it was much appreciated.