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Short Update

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The food continues to be very good. Last night we had full service support. The volunteers did everything for us. There is an on-going debate in which I maintain that it is unhealthy to constantly receive and that people must contribute as well. This is why I focus on contributing as well as receiving when I can. My priority is helping Eliza Dushku and her show.

We also had a nice saturday morning breakfast served by volunteers from Mounds View High school.

Mounds View Volunteers

My last night at Simpson shelter is tomorrow night. It is very hard to believe it has been 28 days already. I spoke with staff and they indicated I am still eligible for a wait list. Not sure what will happen next, but I have ideas.

I currently have a 7 day reprieve on my locker at Simpson. I explained the locker situation before- Ed Petsche says he needs 5 or 6 more people to commit to renting lockers at $4 a month to keep that program going. Transit to and from the lockers may prove difficult as people will probably need to take the bus. Branch 3 does not provide tokens. (I spoke to someone who was trying to get a new pair of shoes at the Basillica, but was struggling to come up with the bus fair).

Bus transportation

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No recent follow up from DOT regarding the free rides for homeless people. I will say that as I was leaving McDonalds on Sunday, a homeless person asked me for change for the bus. Free rides would eliminate this begging and help people to get where they want and need to go. I am constantly engaged in events which would probably not qualify for “tokens”. Meanwhile, down at Branch 3, people are trying to resell bus passes and hustling for transfers and bus money.

Free Riding?

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As I mentioned before, I emailed Kevin Gutknecht at MNDOT regarding Free rides for the homeless.

Email to MNDOT

Here is there current reply:

Current response.

I’ve tried to mention that many legitimate opportunities will be lost if people are restricted to the programs that administer tokens. I probably would not have been able to get a token to “volunteer” at the WCCO radiothon to Kick Hunger for example. Also, the tokens just add another layer of bueacratic administration to something Los Angeles bus drivers have simply solved by extending the free rides to homeless members of their community.

Emailed Kevin Gutknecth about MTC rides

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I emailed Mr. Gutnecht at MNDOT to ask him to explore giving free rides to homeless people. It is much better if they can get to where they want and need to be. Hopefully, MN can take a cue from LA.

Freedom of speech?

Posted in Dollhouse and censorship, Dollhouse and MTC on November 15, 2009 by toresimonsen

As I campaign, I run into various obstacles and barriers to collecting signatures and promoting the Dollhouse. I am constantly being told I cannot collect signatures on government property or on the train. I have been given warnings by the police not to collect signatures on the NorthStar rail line. (The police were cool about it and explained that someone had complained. What one person has the right to silence all others? I received Christian literature that day, did they get stopped as well?) I am supposed to asked for written permission from the MTC.

My guess is it will work like the county. I’m not sure why the Dollhouse represents such a dangerous idea that my signs would be taken down from county government buildings. They let my “artistic” paintings alone. All the property managers asked is that I carry $300,000 worth of liability insurance to collect signatures in their waiting rooms. Really?

The Fox Network asked me not to send anymore petitions into Fox which I ignored the very same day.

As you move through society, you see fewer and fewer people collecting signatures. Perhaps we have closed all the public spaces fo it. I will continue to collect signatures whenever and wherever I can.

I want to thank those who said yes to the Dollhouse through your signatures.

Northstar line

Posted in Dollhouse and MTC, Dollhouse and music on November 15, 2009 by toresimonsen

Today, I collected signatures at the opening of the new Northstar Line commuter train. I ended up collecting signatures outside of the MTC property on the road by the Minneapolis station for the rest of the day. The good news is I collected a lot of signatures. I almost ran out of signature sheets.

It was very cold. I took breaks to warm up in inside the tent. There was some good music playing by Inukshuk Pass. They played a really long set.

At the end of the night, I was lucky enough to catch the sweeper train home. I had no idea that an extra train was collecting those of us who missed our trains home. An MTC staffer was kind enough to loan me their phone so I could arrange for a pick up at the Fridley station. So overall, I want to thank everyone who made the day a great way to meet people, celebrate the new trains, and enjoy the events.

I like the train a lot. I hope they add more service from the downtown to suburban destinations though. It only seems fair. Also, the cost of the train seems a bit high. Nevertheless, it is a great new addition to the Twin Cities and I’m sure it will only get better.

Here are some photos of the train.

Northstar Line

The Northstar Line

Northstar Line in Minneapolis

Here are some Northstar Line trains in Minneapolis.

Looking for the signatures but found the KLF.

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So my next big shout out is going to Brooke Aldridge who signed the petitions while I was riding the 16. Not only a huge sci-fi fan, but Brooke also gave me a drop card to Looking 4 the KLF, featuring on vocals, none other than Brooke Aldridge.

Thank you!!!

Really cool stuff. I especially liked the (ahllex remix). The songs also include tracks with Simon Jones.

Heads up: there is a Dollhouse music contest going on!