I am not affiliated with the Dollhouse in any official capacity.

In 2009, I fell in love.  I wrote several scripts to communicate these feelings.  After several months and 49,751 words, I completed four FAN episodes of the Dollhouse. My laptop failed.  I then proceeded to drive by car to Hollywood, California.  My hope was to deliver the scripts.  I ended up sleeping out of my car for a week.  I showered at homeless shelters (Union Mission) and met other homeless members of the community.  I tried to attend a charity event to deliver the scripts with flowers, but the event was canceled.  After much discussion, my friends and family sadly convinced me to board a plane to Minnesota.  Everything I have is now scattered across the country.  My car is somewhere in Los Angeles.  My laptop is broken.  My books and CD’s are in Nevada.  None of that matters.  What bothers me is that I still haven’t gotten the scripts to the woman I wrote them for.


Update: After I returned to Minnesota, I was placed into a mental health treatment center. I entered it because I was told if I complied, I would be connected to Eliza Dushku. (I did not create the contract.) I found myself trapped in a mental health system where I continued to explain there was nothing wrong with me. I simply loved Eliza Dushku.

I began to try to save the television show. I sent some petitions to Fox, but they responded by saying they were not interested in receiving my petitions.

While undergoing the unnecessary mental health treatment, I was told by my sister I needed to file for MA and SSDI. I am not disabled and did not feel there was any need for me to be in treatment. I checked the box not disabled on SSDI and that was the end of the application process. (The application does not process if you say you are not disabled). In the meantime, my car received both a parking ticket and was involved in a minor car accident. Upset about the car accident and my unwillingness to pursue SSDI, my sister tried to check me into a crisis center. I had enough of being coerced. Instead of entering the crisis center or applying for benefits I did not need or deserve, I walked away with the clothes I was wearing and a few things in my backpack. I feel I had no choice but to become homeless. Eventually, I was able to withdraw my application for MA.

As for the car, I have given it to Klaus.

I have been homeless for a while now, but I continue to try to save Dollhouse. I love Eliza Dushku more than anything. Please help me save her show.

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  1. […] No. I am currently homeless. I am trying to give the scripts I have written to Eliza (not sell them). […]

  2. […] I am currently homeless. I am trying to give the scripts I have written to Eliza (not sell them). […]

  3. Very interested in all this. I’m a homeless artist, for more then a decade. I understand your motivation to deliver the art of your creativity. Don’t count on direct channels though, cause I’ll tell you kindly, they probably would frame you to be some sort of security risk, even if you’re not.
    Just make sure you keep eating right and sleep as well as you can. Start a NEW site where you can post your scripts, and the best you can hope for, is that the artist of your muse will read your work.
    It’s happened to me allot. You CAN be influential, but considering your ”
    power position” of being homeless, you must use tact. BE SUBTLE, not intimidating. Post your work as it is, and let it go. She may never read it. You just have to be cool with that and keep working.
    The best way you can “Give your scripts to Eliza” is to post them free, in the wild, and hope she reads by fate. I feel I am opening this path to you, as an artful shaman. Some unexpectedly good things will develop from your efforts.
    PEACE, and never surrender that your creativity is a sickness! Of course, MANY people are unsound, but it takes a brave knowledge of your self and brilliant inspiration to try what you’ve tried. INSPIRATION to you fellow.

  4. sonofcain2007 Says:

    Hello, I had used to watch the show back when I was living in a room
    provided by the local mental health program. It won’t let me go either. I think that “she” is betraying herself in the Spring 2009 season or “the character” is succumbing to self-deluded paranoia but I won’t go so far as
    to say my fave word, “dementia praecox”. ha, ha, ha, lol.

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