There are many ways you can help save Dollhouse. Spread the word about Dollhouse and this site.

First, make sure you are regularly watching the show and make sure your friends know to watch it.

Watch Dollhouse on Hulu.

Next be sure to sign the online petition to TNT!!! (Make sure your friends sign it as well.)


If you are on Twitter, be sure to sign the Twitition and spread the word about the TWITITION! SIGN TWITITION.

After that, send some emails. (Make sure your friends do that as well).


Volunteer your time to collect signatures. Visit the action center to find out about CANVASSING. You will find fliers and petitions to print. I usually scan the petitions and send them into the email contacts. I send about 200 signatures in at a time. You can collect them anywhere, but I recommend colleges, football games, mass transit areas, side walks, cafes, comic book stores, bars- anywhere there is a crowd.

Remember- anything helps. Spread the word. Recruit more people to watch the Dollhouse and help out!!!

DH forever.
And of course- love.

14 Responses to “A CALL FOR HELP”

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  2. I am going to boycott Fox if they keep taking away great series like Dollhouse!!!

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  5. I love Dollhouse. i wrote letters and complaints to Fox, Syfy and signed petitions. i also promote the show on my youtube page :]

    • I am trying to move the show to TNT. SyFy has already nixed according to Activated Dollhouse Forums. Earlier this year, while in “treatment”, I spoke by phone to Mark Hoffman Director, Security Threats and Investigations at Fox Entertainment Group. FOX network has been very clear with me that they want to receive NO contact from me. I realized FOX was never going to support the show if that is their response. Best to find a new network like TNT.

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  7. […] Please help out. Please help me save Eliza’s show. Go the link for “A call for help”. […]

  8. Ken Bottema Says:

    How can I help you? Please let me know!

  9. Tore, I have never seen Dollhouse, I don’t know who Eliza is, but I understand that you want to help her. I am sure she will get another part in another series or movie. She will be just fine. You should worry about yourself and your situation. Please let me know if I can help YOU.

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