My newest petition: to resign.

I have submitted my resignation before the Minnesota bar. You can read my submission here.

It will take four to six weeks before the matter is resolved.

Update: I received a letter from the Office of Professional Responsibility saying they have no objection to my resignation. You can read the letter here.

Final Update: My petition to resign was accepted. The Supreme Court of Minnesota issued an order effectuating my resignation as of October 5, 2011. You can see the order here.

One Response to “My newest petition: to resign.”

  1. High Scorer in Tore Loves Eliza Video Game Says:

    The Court of Appeals would have certainly overturned the Judge’s insane ruling in your case against Catholic Charities. Not only did you fail to appeal in that case, but you are giving up your law license? How will you vindicate your rights to love and marry Eliza Dushku if you do this?

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