Hot Chai

It has been a while since I have gone out for coffee. In this case, I ordered Chai anyway. The days of needing the free internet access or a place to hang out are behind me now that I am no longer homeless.

I stopped by the Sierra Java coffee shop on Mountain City Highway in Elko. I believe the coffee shop used to be located on Argent in the strip mall across from Walmart.

There were not many people in the coffee shop when I went. The google address for Sierra Java still lists Argent, so I’m not sure how many people know about the new location. I made the mistake of going to the old Argent address when I first returned from Comic-con.

The shop still has free wifi, a few computers, and some couches.

I posted my most recent copy of my media advisory on their community bulletin board. I enjoyed my cup of chai, surfed on my netbook, and left.

4 Responses to “Hot Chai”

  1. Can we see the media advisory? It’s good to see you are out doing outreach again? Is it a media advisory to save Dollhouse?

  2. I can’t believe you would give up on Saving Dollhouse. My heart sunk when I read that. Are you opposed to other people keeping up the fight? Shouldn’t you appeal the dismissal of your case against Catholic Charities in case other people want to keep up the fight at Branch 3? This would be a very gracious public service.

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