It gets better O.O

Is there some way to upgrade trolls? I really feel like my efforts are hindered by the poor quality of my trolls. If it’s not hate spewing venom, it’s just a stupid mindless refrain.

My trolls simply try to diminish the seriousness of any post or attack me personally.

If it is a post on China, they trivialize it. I mean they have Ambassador Huntsman talking about a forward deployed military and the South China sea lanes and I get nothing intelligent in the comments.

No matter how serious the issue is, my trolls do their best to muddy the waters, belittle the issue, or simply hurl insults.

Lately, in the anti-bullying campaigns, the people say it gets better.

I’m not really sure anymore.

Here are some of the “friendly” people you can meet on the internet through blogging.

Here’s another winning comment:

Yet another winner:

More great posts:

Yet more really great people:

More sunshine:

Another cheerful post and some very fake ones using other people’s names (all too common sadly):

Topping it off, is this little gem:

Why? Here’s why:

With comments like these, is there a point in allowing comments anymore?

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