Stray Dog

I went to the Stray Dog which is a local pub and cafe in Elko, Nevada.

There were some talented musicians playing acoustics at the Stray Dog tonight: Jaymz Wilson and Jake Pagone. They played a lot of alternative songs and took requests from the audience. I was almost considering not going out, but am very glad I did. The music was great and the atmosphere at the pub was warm and inviting.

I spoke to several patrons about the blog. I had a lengthy conversation with Tamara who moved to Elko to work. A few other patrons suggested I have an existential epiphany based on my experiences at the Stray Dog, but I do not think it will go that far.

In any event, it was nice to go out for a relaxing evening and listen to some music at the end of a long week.

4 Responses to “Stray Dog”

  1. You should do spoken word stuff at this bar about saving Dollhouse.

  2. how is it a long week when you don’t work? being a sponge and a glutton seems like the easiest week ever.

  3. Tore has been working on saving Dollhouse. It’s exhausting work. It makes for a really long week. Dollhouse will soon be saved though. He needs to get working on his appeal as well.

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