Fixing nothing, but fixed nevertheless.

I recently complained about the fact that Craig’s list had moved the post I made linking to photographs I took while homeless to the “isle of the misfits”- basically a Craig’s list junk heap.


I received some very negative feedback from what appears to be the person who is a Craig’s list “helper”.

I guess the Craig’s list ‘helper” is called a “peanut” named TheFixxer and he runs a blog. Dismissing my complaints as ridiculous and suggesting I have no recourse is the gist of the “help” I received from TheFixxer

TheFixxer wants to ignore the fact that people can post to links on Craig’s list.

The TOU states:

“Your linking to any other webites is at your own risk.”

It is clear Craig’s list expects people to link to their website. I linked to my website. I posted homeless photographs in the photography section.

The TOU goes on to state:

“You acknowledge that craigslist does not pre-screen or approve Content, but that craigslist shall have the right (but not the obligation) in its sole discretion to refuse, delete or move any Content that is available via the Service, for
violating the letter or spirit of the TOU or for any other reason.”

I’m not going to get into a detailed legal analysis of this troublesome language. I’m just going to say, let’s pretend you do have the absolute right to remove homeless photographs from the photographs section- I’m still going call you out for doing that.

In any event, Craig’s list does include instructions on how to
link to pictures as well as URLS. People are allowed to post to these things.

Now, I didn’t post an ad. But the ad section is interesting in noting that 98% are correctly flagged.

What about the other 2%?

What about the other 2%? 2% may not sound like a lot, but given the potential volume of posts, it actually could be a very large number in the aggregate.

They don’t even give statistics for the Isle of the misfits. One can only speculate.

Now lets get to another few “loose facts”.

The Fixxer apparently claims he was blocked on this forum. That is not true. TheFixxer could post to this forum. I merely said, “Good-bye.” I also closed the next post totally to threads, but not the post TheFixxer is referring to. TheFixxer could still post to it or this blog.

TheFixxer claims I’m making money on this forum from click-n-pay google ads. I am not making any money from this forum. I think the fact that I was living in a homeless shelter should be proof of that.

TheFixxer uses words such as “claim to be a non-practicing lawyer”.

Here’s some non-legal advice for TheFixxer: You might want to spend some time checking out your facts. You might come across an article, like this one, that might confirm that I am a lawyer who became homeless.

I could try to respond to the thread, but I can’t seem to find it on Craig’s list.

Update: I posted a link in the media forums about the John R. Finnegan award winner on the Freedom of information day.

I found this on the Craig’s list media discussion forum sidebar.

I also posted my hot air balloon pictures to Craig’s list, but those were not moved.

5 Responses to “Fixing nothing, but fixed nevertheless.”

  1. Hey Tore, people are so funny when they have “power” on a website. We all want to feel important in our lives and some people so much so that exerting their “power” online over others gives them a sense of self worth.

    Maybe you should think of doing the Google click-and-pay ads! That one relentless troll would have made you a millionaire by now. 😛

    • It’s an interesting example of the hidden mechanisms at work in forums. I think TheFixxer made a mistake regarding the post and seems incapable of simply doing the right thing in this case. In any event, I have not made any money from “click and pay” ads.

      As I stated in my prior post, I find these posts distract from my real messages.

      The post has not been worth an enormous amount of traffic, in real terms, but the facts are interesting. Given the myriad of hidden internet rules and arbitrary enforcement in different settings, one understands the importance of also being able to hand out physical fliers.

  2. The Isle of Misfits? Isn’t that a rip off from that old Rudolph Christmas special? You know, the place where all the unwanted toys go? Sound to me like an IP infringement.

    • That was the Isle of Misfit Toys.

      I’m trying to focus on the issue of being moved there in the first place. I did find Wikipedia’s entry helpful: “Although users are given a short description of each flagging category, users ultimately flag on their preference, prejudice, or misunderstanding of the Craigslist Terms of Use. Flaggings can also occur as acts of disruptive vandalism and for the removal of competitors postings.”

      I also found the unofficial flagging faq helpful. It suggests a lot of ways in which the flagging system is abused.

  3. Forget about Craigslist for saving Dollhouse. It’s only in-person outreach at Branch 3 that is going to get the job of saving Dollhouse done.

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