Not much to talk about.

I’m rather tired of conducting outreach.

It gets tiresome having every post labeled spam even when the post is totally relevant and on point. Although some people want to talk about things intelligently, many people continue to turn any post, no matter how on-point, into a feeding frenzy of stupidity. Everything you say, is somehow mischaracterized.

If some linux forums wants to ban me and misses the story on Open Office, it misses the story. If the Escapist bans me, it misses the stories on gaming and comic-con. Etc…etc…

If Twitter wants to lobotomize its own service, so be it. There are other services.

The few places that allow me to post, only do so in ways that, in the very least, mute messages.

You would think that people would be interested in the real stories presented here- but they aren’t.

Photos of homelessness get turned into an issue on whether or not one can post photos of homelessness.

You make a post and receive inexplicably angry comments. Why bother?

For the second time, I’m turning the comments off.

I think of Eliza all the time.

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