Craig’s list “moves” homeless photographs

December 2010 note: Dentfixxer has not been blocked from commenting on this blog. Dentfixxer’s self serving statements are untrue. Please read the update about Craig’s list for more information. Now the original post:

So I posted to the “photographs” section on Craig’s list.

Apparently, the CL moderators decided to move the post to the Isle of the misfits (e.g. the CL graveyard.) The post is now here.

Update: Apparently users can also flag down posts they don’t like and this is the subject of abuse.

Owing to a dispute with a pesky troll, I’ll add the following pictures:

Other people have posted photographs with links, but apparently the “homeless” photos somehow are not acceptable.


Given Craig’s list notorious history, it strikes me as odd that they would object to photographs of homelessness.

Update: I’ve emailed their tech support.

21 Responses to “Craig’s list “moves” homeless photographs”

  1. Dentfixxer Says:

    You are spamming craigslist with your blog links. You were rightfully flagged.

  2. Dentfixxer Says:

    Here is a link to show your handle history on craigslist.

    • Posts are what they say.

      • Dentfixxer Says:

        Please fully understand how craigslist works, and the rules before bashing it on your blog. You are mistaken as to being abused.

      • No. It is lame. The photographs were of homeless conditions and posted in photography. The car show photos are appropriately in automobiles and photography. I have no problem with what I am doing. I am not “bashing” Craig’s list- Craig’s list has taken unilateral action to move my posts. You are an apologist.

      • Dentfixxer Says:

        You are trying to make it personal about homelessness. That is called fluffing. I would expect more from someone who claims to be a lawyer.

        You agreed to the TOU, your only recourse now is stop using craigslist for spamming your pictures and blog site. Further posts claiming craigslist is being abusive and prejudice could result in you being charged with libel. But you know that.

        Have a great day!

      • Actually it is about posting photographs about being homelessness. I didn’t make it about that- that was the actual subject of the photographs.

        I think you’ll have to understand that I did not violate the TOU with the post on photographs of homelessness.

        Nor have I called them abusive, that is your language.

        I consider their action unwarranted and believe it is unwise to move legitimate posts. I am making a legitmate challenge to their actions, which I am entitled to do in their forums. I have an automated response from them.

        And thanks for the passive aggressive signature of “Have a nice day”.

      • Dentfixxer Says:

        Abuse is your language, not mine, Calling the flagging of your pictures abuse is calling craigslist abusive being they are ultimately the entity that created the system. Repeatedly posting the same content, and content that the forum is not intended for is against the TOU.

        “Update: Apparently users can also flag down posts they don’t like and this is the subject of abuse.”

      • I was describing an abuse of feature. I think you will agree that if users simply flag down posts they don’t like, that would be the wrong use of that feature. In fact, Craig’s list has a process for challenging that, so they would seem to agree.

        You continue to mischaracterize my statements but in the end, you can not escape the simple fact that in this case I posted homeless photographs to the photography section.

  3. Dentfixxer Says:

    By the way, do you fully understand who the moderators are?

    Do you understand that you are not in any process of contesting the removal of your post other than you writing emails to craigslist?

    From the TOU:



    craigslist provides a collection of online resources, including classified
    ads, forums, and various email services, (referred to hereafter as “the
    Service”) subject to the following Terms of Use (“TOU”). By using the Service
    in any way, you are agreeing to comply with the TOU. In addition, when using
    particular craigslist services, you agree to abide by any applicable posted
    guidelines for all craigslist services, which may change from time to time.
    Should you object to any term or condition of the TOU, any guidelines,
    or any subsequent modifications thereto or become dissatisfied with craigslist
    in any way, your only recourse is to immediately discontinue use of craigslist.
    craigslist has the right, but is not obligated, to strictly enforce the TOU
    through self-help, community moderation, active investigation, litigation and

  4. Boy, you are one dumb b*tch!

    Craigslist prohibits the type of postings you made. Craigslist is a private entity, therefore you have no rights to free speech, or rights to post any thing for that matter. Craigslist gives the users the power to not only enforce the TOU and posting guidelines, but to enforce an acceptable level of what is considered ‘appropriate’ on craigslist to each local craigslist site.

    That means the users can remove, when enough of them hit a ‘flag’ button, any ad that they feel should be removed for any damn reason they wish! Many, many entirely separate users flags are required to remove an ad, from many, many entirely separate IP addresses, meaning that it took a good percentage of the people who read your ad to band together and get it removed. Your community voted you off the island, and it had nothing to do with anything related to homelessness, or photography, it was because your ad violated the TOU, and you pissed and moaned like a frigging pre-school brat when you were too dense to accept the fact that you were wrong.

    It has nothing to do with your imagined slight towards the plight of homeless people, it has to do with what you posted, and then your subsequent behavior when you did not get responses or actions that you wanted.

    Is it sinking in yet? Your Craigslist community thinks you and your forum posts suck, and to let you know, they flagged you. Grow up, find another site to use, and get over yourself.

    Don’t like rules? Don’t like community moderation and the flagging system? Then get the hell off of craigslist, you dumb b*tch!

  5. […] nothing, but fixed nevertheless. I recently complained about the fact that Craig’s list had moved the post I made linking to photographs I took while homeless to […]

  6. These people are obviously somehow working in concert with the Archdiocese that runs Branch 3. This sort of anti-dollhouse sentiment is reprehensible. These people are a necessary party to your lawsuit against Catholic Charities. If Dollhouse is ever going to be saved, you must join these people in your lawsuit.

    • Bantha: Your posts unnecessarily diminish the importance of the issues and you show a general lack of respect towards yourself and the community. You continue to misstate facts and trivialize issues.

  7. I am trying to stay on point and defend efforts to save Dollhouse, and to spread the word about saving Dollhouse myself. I don’t think that diminishes the importance of the issues.

    Let’s stay on track and save Dollhouse. If these people need to be added to the lawsuit to save Dollhouse, then so be it. Your right to be safe and videotaped at Branch 3 must be vindicated.

    Save Dollhouse!

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