Trust your mechanic

I returned to the doctor’s office. Although I have experienced a variety of unsettling symptoms, after an extensive discussion with the doctor and their staff, they assured me that I probably had the bad luck of getting a viral infection after the bacterial infection.

As the doctor explained, it is not a good time and it is possible that someone else who was sick got me sick. I’ve been very reluctant to be in public lately. In fact, I suggested to the Doctor’s office during scheduling that it was over concern for both the health of others as well as myself that I come in promptly to see them.

It is very hard to argue with what might be good news, so I am taking it for what it is worth and hoping that they are correct.

Despite the myriad of possibilities I suggested, I was told there was nothing seriously wrong with me. I am very glad to hear that.

No more meds needed apparently.

One Response to “Trust your mechanic”

  1. The diagnosis is love. Hasn’t that already been established?

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