Ill news.

I am returning to the doctor’s office tomorrow.

6 Responses to “Ill news.”

  1. Oh I hope it’s nothing too serious, keep well Tore!

    Also you forgot to close a bold tag on the post with the emails from the gov. and it’s caused every entry below that to become bold.

    • The strain is somewhat different, but in general, you must find mechanisms for coping with the circumstances. I appreciate the intensity of the performance in the video. Having found beauty, I endured as well as one could. Thanks for sharing the video. I wonder how I would have perceived the video last January or February in a Minnesota winter, but I will never know.

  2. I hope this isn’t for a psychiatric visit. People who think you are crazy are completely wrong. The initial diagnosis of love was correct. The cure is to save Dollhouse and marry Eliza.

    How are the outreach efforts going? Did you get a chance to speak with your doctor about Dollhouse?

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