EA Gun Club offers free Battlefunds.

Players can get 700 free battlefunds through the EA Gun club. 700 Battlefunds is not a lot but it is enough to get players some unlimited stock weapons. This in turn allows them to use the VP they build on buying the extra’s- such as cool EMO taunts more frequently. It was a very small step in the right direction on Dice’s part. I have not spent my 700 BF yet, but have decided to spend some VP to make the playing experience better for other players.

A rather bland hero...

DICE still needs to minimize the impact of its poor decisions and provide players with a good gaming experience. It has to try to eliminate the pay for advantage weapons gap if it wants to lure gamers back.

DICE also offered players free VP and XP boosts. They must be redeemed by tomorrow and there is a FACEBOOK like campaign to try to get another 7 day promotional.

I still feel that by rejecting its promise not to sell weapons that produce an advantage, EA/DICE made a huge mistake. It creates possible play imbalances that effect all players. I also wish there were a few more affordable VP options. I understand the need to make money, but I always felt BF:H was more of a promotional vehicle (like RTCW:ET) and should provide a fully featured and balanced play experience.

Update: The battlefunds offer appears to have expired now.

Second update: You might also be interested in posts about the Dr. Pepper codes.

6 Responses to “EA Gun Club offers free Battlefunds.”

  1. How is this helping save Dollhouse? Could you at least do something within this game to get the word out about saving Dollhouse?

  2. […] I could focus on a lot of the problems I encounter in BF:H such as the occasionally imbalanced rounds created by having a dedicated faction or the highly questionable matchmaking function, but I want to focus on the sale of weapons for advantage. There is something about this idea which I have not been able to get over. I think its because it goes to the core of gaming itself. I’m also not going to re-hash the community input thread, but you can check it out here. I also like to point out when DICE or EA goes out of there way to do something great, which they ma… […]

  3. I dont understand how 2 get the 700 points free both requirements i have but i dont see a redeem button anywhere :O ??

  4. I need 1400 battle funds :3 How?

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