I started this blog last October.

There are far too many events for me to really keep track of on this blog. After one year, here are some of the more important posts on my blog.

The post that started it all: the paper ring.

My short post asking Eliza Duhsku to marry me.

During my trip to Comic-con I ask Joss Whedon for his help in marrying Eliza Dushku. (He said he could not help me.)

After being decieved and trapped in therapy, I tried to raise the issue with Rep. Tim Walz at Netroots.

After becoming homeless, Dr. Tom Grace finally acknowledges it’s love.

Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak discusses homeless conditions at drinking liberally.

I crashed a charity event and volunteered for Let’s Kick Hunger.

Even while homeless, I manage to donate to Haiti.

Denied the opportunity to express my love, I am forced into taking legal action.

I found myself at many political events.

I even end up testifying before the Minnesota legislature.

There were plenty of opportunities to experience homelessness.

There have also been many disappointments.

In the last year of writing on this blog, I met many people who helped and supported me in my efforts. I appreciate the coat and gloves that were given to me at Drinking Liberally. I appreciate the tailgaters who signed petitions and shared their food. I received help from friends, families, and strangers. I was also betrayed by friends, family, and strangers.

5 Responses to “+1”

  1. magnusbarfod Says:

    “I was also betrayed by friends, familiy, and strangers.”

    How can a stranger ‘betray’ someone? To feel betrayed, you have to have a relationship with the person. Strangers can’t ‘betray’ other strangers…

    Apart from that, nice to see your standards are still high. The constant linking and re-caps to evidence of your madness are welcome indeed.

    Do you have a job yet, by the way?

    • @magnusbarfod:

      Maybe you should spend some time picking yourself up, rather than putting other people down.

      • magnusbarfod Says:

        Now that’s hilarious.

        And as usual, you totally fail to answer the question, or address the point raised.

        How can strangers betray strangers? I only ask, pedantically, because you bring out the worst in me.

      • @magnusbarfod:

        Sometimes you have to trust people you hardly know to do something (which they say they will) and then they don’t. This did happen to me in situations which did not help me and put me in much worse situations. In many situations, especially when you are homeless, you must place your trust in a lot of strangers because you do not have the time to get to know everyone extremely well. Betrayal also includes simply being misguided or deceived.

        I do not have a paying job. In point of fact, I will probably not be a lawyer much longer as I cannot maintain my dues and no longer see the point in doing so.

  2. When will you be homeless again? It seems that situation actually got you out on the streets doing outreach to Save Dollhouse. Since you have been mooching off your mother all you do is play video games and don’t do anything to save Dollhouse.

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