Raking the Leaves

The book I ordered finally arrived: Leaves of Hypnos by Rene Char. The book has been out of print in the US for quite some time and I had to find a used copy online. I was very fortunate to get a copy for a very good price and it is in good condition. It only cost $10.

I read it on the same day it arrived, but plan to read it again. It drips with pain and love.

Consider the following passages. Rene Char writes, “All the massed fragrance of these flowers to pacify the night that falls upon our tears.”

Have you had such a night? Even my night, could not compare to his.

Char lights the way by saying, “In the depths of our darkness there is no one place for Beauty. The whole place is for Beauty.”

It was exactly the book I needed.

8 Responses to “Raking the Leaves”

  1. Is this the book that you need to save Dollhouse? What does this have to do with saving Dollhouse? Where did you get $10.00?

  2. Shouldn’t you be contributing to your family? Aren’t you healthy enough for a job?

  3. My favorite quote from LEAVES OF HYPNOS is “Lucidity is the wound closest to the sun.” I use it as an introduction to teaching high school kids the writing of poetry.

    I intend to get the book. Where did you find it?


    • I used Amazon.com to search for the book. It found a few used copies across the nation. Most of them seem to be selling for over $40, but this one came up in the search for less thankfully. The Amazon.com results do not necessarily reveal themselves in order of price and I bought one with an “unknown binding”- which turned out to be hardcover. It appears a copy is available on Amazon for $47. I almost gave up owing to the price barrier but noticed an obscure part of the Amazon posting listing it for less.

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