Twitchange Donation.

I dontated to the Twitchange AHIH cause. It was only $25. I had to bicycle to Smith’s to purchase a prepaid Visa gift card and register it online because I don’t have any credit/debit cards. The auction runs through 9/25.

I opted not to skip the auction and just donated.

7 Responses to “Twitchange Donation.”

  1. Shouldn’t you have given that money to your mother for rent? I hope a grown man like you is paying rent.

  2. How is this saving Dollhouse? Is that what twitchange is about?

  3. You should be helping your Mom take care of you. Are you doing any chores for her to earn your keep? The people in Haiti can take care of themselves.

  4. But what about your poor mother? Are you helping her out?

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