No Reply from Twitter

Twitter has not replied to my requests regarding the most recent suspension. I’ve opened two tickets. One ticket was for the most recent suspension and the second ticket was because they have not responded.

I found this WordPress post rather amusing. Apparently, a current TT on Twitter is rally signs for two television shows. My guess is if Jon Stewart lived in a homeless shelter and tried to use Twitter to start a rally, his account would be repeatedly suspended. It’s pure conjecture based on nothing but my own experiences… I’m still waiting to see if Andrew Miller posts my comment to his blog.

In an interesting aside, my post made Twittafarm. At least 3 people (counting Old MacDonald) have read about my experiences via Twittafarm.

UPDATE: Twitter “unsuspended” my account. Here is the email:

This does not change my opinion that Twitter’s decisions are without merit. This is typical of the responses I have gotten and follows a pattern of disruptive suspensions the end result of which is almost always account closure.

5 Responses to “No Reply from Twitter”

  1. Hey, which comment are you waiting for me to post to your blog? Want to make sure it gets up!

  2. Hey Tore! I’m happy that Twitter unsuspended your account. As you can see, they considered what you were doing to be spamming the @ replies, and that’s why you got banned. Which is what we suspected all along was the reason for your banning. I’m sure you’ll encounter no more problems if you no longer continue to “abuse” the @ reply feature. If you do, I’m sure Twitter will suspend your account again.

    • Yup. If I try to reply to tweets, I guess that’s “abuse”. I’d join a conversation on Dollhouse, but I’m not sure how I would do it without “replying” to someone. I did RETWEET the charity event for Eliza Dushku to my 3 remaining followers. At this point, looks like I’ll just check it once in a while to read what Eliza says.

  3. How is this helping save Dollhouse? Twitter work will not save Dollhouse. Only outreach at Branch 3 is going to bring about the saving of Dollhouse.

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