5 Responses to “Twittercide: Tweet DNS by Twitter.”

  1. Hey Tore, good post! And I totally agree with your points. I respect that you always stand up for yourself and have no problem challenging and even fighting the system, even though the system unfortunately almost always wins. It’s an admirable trait you have!

    And you are so right about the points you made on Twitter. If you search ‘Dollhouse’, you get tons of porn bots spamming the same message over and over. I wonder why actual porn bot spammers are allowed to stay on but someone who wants to legitimately use the site isn’t allowed?

    Anyway, I still love Twitter, because I don’t use it in the same way you do so I never ran into any problems. But it’s a shame that you won’t be using it anymore. Please let us know the next site you join! 🙂

    • This is still the site I use for most communications. Everything else is pretty much just outreach.

      I went back and counted the number of tweets I sent that were the same and it was 13. I was talking on #muchlove and the tweet was:

      RT So #muchlove I wrote 4 scripts for Eliza and asked Joss Whedon to help me marry her. http://bit.ly/cb2vCx

      However, the 13th tweet was a follow up to a tweet to me asking for clarification.

      There were also 2 independent tweets breaking those tweets up. One was to a follower about Resident Evil Afterlife and one was a general good night tweet.

      It seems to go back to what I said in earlier posts: people call spam anything they don’t want even if its not spam at all. Though, I believe this is just an automated suspension.

  2. I’m not on twitter, so I know nothing about it. How much does it cost to subscribe?

  3. Save Dollhouse!

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