14 Responses to “Hooray for censorship on Twitter.”

  1. I have seen your account, and maybe people believe you’re spamming. You send the same tweet to a gozillion people. Invariaby someone complains and reports you. I’m not a tweeter, this is just an observation.

    I never understood the whole twitter thing anyway. I just got a FB account and then I’m obsolete because I’m not tweeting!

    • This has serious implications for many third parties, including nonprofits. When my accounts get closed, I lose my followers. Since Twitter is often about retweeting to your followers, you cannot get messages about things like TwitChange (which I recently tweeted to my few followers) or other information into the community. Make no mistake about it, at times I have had hundreds of followers, none of whom received my most recent TwitChange retweet. When Twitter closes my accounts, it hurts more than me. At the same time, my ability to tweet about Ben Cousin’s Tweet, is also undermined. I’m sick and tired of having my Twitter accounts undermined by Twitter.

      • I understand Tore, but I actually first found your blog from you spamming me, because I had mentioned Eliza or Dollhouse and you were obviously doing a search on that, and @replied me with a link to your blog and nothing else. And you repeated that process to hundreds of people. Personally I didn’t mind at all, in fact I’m glad you did because I obviously enjoy your blog! But I think it’s against Twitter’s policy to use Twitter in the way you use it, and unfortunately because it is their website, they can enforce any type of rule they want. I think it’s stupid you can’t use Twitter how you were using it, that’s one thing Twitter is good for: getting information out to hundreds of people in a short time. And it’s not like you’re spamming the same message TO THE SAME PERSON, so I do think it’s stupid Twitter won’t let you use their service. But again, unfortunately, it is THEIR service so maybe you could make your own site or something! I’d join. 🙂

      • I’m not spamming. I am tweeting. I have prepared a rather extensive post on this subject, so I will say no more at this time.

  2. magnusbarfod Says:

    Been a while Tore, but hey, absence makes the heart… and all that.

    And it’s good to see that you’re not on the streets or coming across as QUITE so mad as other times I’ve dropped in here. Seriously. I know you’ve thought in the past that my expressions of concern were sarcastic or a smokescreen, but the apparent plight of your mental health has actually worried me over the months.

    But as with the ‘Blind Asshle’ episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, an illness doesn’t meant that the sufferer becomes lovable…

    This twitter thing, anyway… I think you’re missing the real, salient and CORRECT point made above by Spock and B.

    It’s irrelevant that you feel this way – and yes, I’ve read your more fulsome, recent post explaining your point of view.

    It’s the simple fact that your actions, to MANY, will appear to be spam. And house rules is house rules; Twitter doesn’t owe you an account. It’s their ball, they’ll play with it how they wish.

    It’s much less likely that serious users will find themselves in such a position; a cancer rally or a charity run will likely be treated as spam by no one. Your… odd, at best, blog, will be.

    Simple as that.

    Good luck my man. I like that you’re still spreading your madness with abandon, and, seemingly, in a safer and healthier way.

  3. How is this helping save Dollhouse or fight Catholic Charities? I don’t see it here. This is wasting valuable time that could be spent on outreach at Branch 3.

    I was walking through Branch 3 yesterday and the anti-Dollhouse forces have gained ever more ground. Catholic Charities has commissioned an artist to draw a mural that says: “Don’t Save Dollhouse, it’s cancelled!”

    Further, all persons who are admitted to stay are required to sign an oath of eternal hostility to all efforts to save Dollhouse.

    These steps that have been taken by Branch 3 are definitely going to have a negative effect on efforts to save Dollhouse.

  4. I have been at Branch 3 recently, have you? You gave up on outreach there and should be ashamed for being so lazy in your efforts. Eliza would not be impressed.

  5. I am just trying to help save Dollhouse. What have you done to save Dollhouse lately?

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