Summary Judgment Arguments

The court hearing on the Catholic Charities case was today. Catholic Charities moved for summary judgment.

I made myself available by telephone for the court to call as I am in Elko, Nevada.

The hearing began with the court asking whether I was going to be available for trial. It is a good question. I could only say that I anticipated I could attend, but obviously the lack of money and the distance pose enormous problems.

After that, it was a long question and answer session by the judge. I feel that my earlier written pleadings do a much better job of trying to clarify the situation than my oral presentation. Given the fact that the proceedings began at 6:45 a.m. pacific time this is no surprise.

I am not sure how long it will take for the judge to issue a ruling.

Basic background about the case can be found here.

The legal documents for summary judgment can be viewed here.

Other legal documents relating to the case are here.

7 Responses to “Summary Judgment Arguments”

  1. Sir,

    This is your case. You brought the action. It is you who are responsible for it and to be present in court, yet you were not, and placed yourself in this situation. When will you live up to your responsibilities, or are you just not able to be up to it? Why must others suffer for your whims and seemingly self-indulged losses? Give it up, or grow up.

  2. The Court should just allow Tore to win because he lives in Nevada now and doesn’t have any money. Isn’t that how it works?

  3. Since you haven’t won already, I have some concern about what power the Pope is wielding over this Judge. Is he Catholic? Are they blackmailing him? Has he invested his retirement in the Branch 3 operation?

    I hope your right to be videotaped to keep you and your property safe at Branch 3 is vindicated.

  4. Can you give a capsule summary of how the hearing went? What were the highlights? Did you pepper the judge? Did he give you any openings?

  5. I want to know what you peppered this Judge with to hold him accountable for your rights. Does he understand the gravity of what’s facing Dollhouse? It’s canceled and needs to be saved. This isn’t time to be dilly-dallying around with “summary judgment motions,” This is time for the Judge to act on his own and get an order out saving Dollhouse and making Branch 3 a Dollhouse-positive environment.

  6. […] More background on the legal case can be found here. […]

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