Gaming notes.

It’s always interesting to see how different gaming environments operate. Let’s take a brief tour.

We begin with the issue of lag. As most people know, the ISP (Frontier Communications) is now front and center and requires some kind of proof of lag. I took a few Xfire videos. On the subject of lag, I highly recommend “Watch the clock”. Do I have lag? You decide.

I’ve decided to try to work on my bowhunting skills in TF2. Apparently, Eliza Dushku loves to bowhunt! She has gotten into a small amount of controvery over it. Despite the lag, and my noobishness at bowhunting, I’m supporting Eliza.

Over @Battlefield: Heroes, I was finally able to get BF:H to work again. The culprit was apparently a Symantec live updater which was blocking Heroes. In my absence, Heroes apparently added a new level. Consistent with their environmental design practices, the level places huge emphasis on a natural combat landscape. Not sure what to think about the level yet, as I have only played it twice. Here’s a screen shot:

The controversy regarding DICE’s decision to sell weapons advantages continues. I still do not believe that DICE should sell any kind of weapons advantage. As much as I like DICE, I doubt I would have volunteered for the Beta had that been the case. There are already games that sell advantages.

Nothing seems to suggest a vote on features in Battlefield Heroes anytime soon.

While hardly a binding vote, I started a poll over on the Elements forum asking if players would play more if the upgrades cost less. The debate is getting a bit off point, but it’s probably a healthy topic for discussion. I like the fact that they allow registered users the freedom to start polls on topics. It seems like a great way to get the conversation started. The request for player submitted cards is also a good feature. Still, I’m a bit concerned by the way the tournaments are run though.

Finally, regarding tournaments, I started a thread on the steam forums about an experience I had several years ago. I came across the file on an old hard drive and thought I would post it. In coming full circle on this post an even more controversial post regarding customer service is on the 2142 forums.

12 Responses to “Gaming notes.”

  1. It’s nice that you support Ms. Dushku’s fondness for hunting. Do you also support her choice to live with and love Rick Fox? When you wage a public campaign to proclaim your love for and to marry Ms. Dushku, aren’t you also proclaiming that you disrespect her choice to love Rick Fox? If you don’t respect her choice to love Rick Fox, then you don’t respect who she is as a person. If you can’t see that, there is something very, very wrong gong on here in this campaign of yours.

    • No comment on the ISP lag issue? I’d switch carriers but I don’t have a choice in the matter and I’m locked in the contract.

      Eliza makes her own decisions, but I don’t think it shows a lack of respect to support her on this or other matters.

  2. How is this helping Save Dollhouse? Shouldn’t you be using the money for Internet service to fight Catholic Charities and do outreach at Branch 3?

    This campaign of yours has certainly lost a lot of focus. I don’t see the connection between endless video gaming play and getting Dollhouse saved.

  3. I don’t think Eliza would be impressed with your lack of work in saving Dollhouse. Playing video games all day is not a good way to save Dollhouse. Saving Dollhouse requires community outreach, petitions, and the distribution of literature toward this end.

    Now that anti-Dollhouse forces completely control Branch 3 and are actively lobbying against saving Dollhouse, I am afraid that Dollhouse may really be over and cancelled.

    Giving up on saving Dollhouse at Branch 3 is giving up on your love for Eliza. I can now clearly see why she has shacked up with Rick instead of your love nest at your Mom’s house in Nevada.

  4. When love is in excess it brings a man no honor nor worthiness.

    — Euripides, Medea, 431 B.C.

  5. Have you considered appearing by phone or video conference for the summary judgment motion?

  6. Tore should really show up at the hearing. He stands a good chance of winning.

  7. […] I tried to pick games which are somewhat similar for focus, but obviously there are many games and models I haven’t explored. I want to look at Battlefield Heroes, Team Fortress 2, and […]

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