One other Administrative Note.

My on-going dispute with Twitter, in which they shut me down for apparently using Twitter to of all things, Tweet, has left the Dollhouse Twitition in rather bad shape because anyone trying to click on creator of the Dollhouse twitition (e.g. Tore Simonsen) gets this ugly message.

Not much I can do about that though.

Regular followers of my posts on Dollhouse and censorship will recall my on-going disputes with Twitter. My old accounts, as well as the followers, were never recovered.

3 Responses to “One other Administrative Note.”

  1. I was walking around Branch 3 yesterday and they had signs up that said “Don’t Save Dollhouse!” and “Stop all efforts to Save Dollhouse!”

    You walked away from this issue and Catholic Charities capitalized on your absence.

    You better get back to Minnesota and argue that motion!

    • I don’t find this kind of misinformation useful. I highly doubt there are such signs at Branch 3. Most of the people I met who were homeless encouraged people to get out of the homeless situation, not stay in it. I filed the response to the summary judgment motion. In any event, my current financial status precludes traveling at this time.

  2. I would have said something to them about the signs the Archdiocese put up to stop efforts to save Dollhouse, but I am afraid of retaliation. It’s terrifying how litigious these people are in their efforts to stifle free speech and fundamental human rights.

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