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I started this blog last October.

There are far too many events for me to really keep track of on this blog. After one year, here are some of the more important posts on my blog.

The post that started it all: the paper ring.

My short post asking Eliza Duhsku to marry me.

During my trip to Comic-con I ask Joss Whedon for his help in marrying Eliza Dushku. (He said he could not help me.)

After being decieved and trapped in therapy, I tried to raise the issue with Rep. Tim Walz at Netroots.

After becoming homeless, Dr. Tom Grace finally acknowledges it’s love.

Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak discusses homeless conditions at drinking liberally.

I crashed a charity event and volunteered for Let’s Kick Hunger.

Even while homeless, I manage to donate to Haiti.

Denied the opportunity to express my love, I am forced into taking legal action.

I found myself at many political events.

I even end up testifying before the Minnesota legislature.

There were plenty of opportunities to experience homelessness.

There have also been many disappointments.

In the last year of writing on this blog, I met many people who helped and supported me in my efforts. I appreciate the coat and gloves that were given to me at Drinking Liberally. I appreciate the tailgaters who signed petitions and shared their food. I received help from friends, families, and strangers. I was also betrayed by friends, family, and strangers.

EA Gun Club offers free Battlefunds.

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Players can get 700 free battlefunds through the EA Gun club. 700 Battlefunds is not a lot but it is enough to get players some unlimited stock weapons. This in turn allows them to use the VP they build on buying the extra’s- such as cool EMO taunts more frequently. It was a very small step in the right direction on Dice’s part. I have not spent my 700 BF yet, but have decided to spend some VP to make the playing experience better for other players.

A rather bland hero...

DICE still needs to minimize the impact of its poor decisions and provide players with a good gaming experience. It has to try to eliminate the pay for advantage weapons gap if it wants to lure gamers back.

DICE also offered players free VP and XP boosts. They must be redeemed by tomorrow and there is a FACEBOOK like campaign to try to get another 7 day promotional.

I still feel that by rejecting its promise not to sell weapons that produce an advantage, EA/DICE made a huge mistake. It creates possible play imbalances that effect all players. I also wish there were a few more affordable VP options. I understand the need to make money, but I always felt BF:H was more of a promotional vehicle (like RTCW:ET) and should provide a fully featured and balanced play experience.

Update: The battlefunds offer appears to have expired now.

Second update: You might also be interested in posts about the Dr. Pepper codes.

Raking the Leaves

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The book I ordered finally arrived: Leaves of Hypnos by Rene Char. The book has been out of print in the US for quite some time and I had to find a used copy online. I was very fortunate to get a copy for a very good price and it is in good condition. It only cost $10.

I read it on the same day it arrived, but plan to read it again. It drips with pain and love.

Consider the following passages. Rene Char writes, “All the massed fragrance of these flowers to pacify the night that falls upon our tears.”

Have you had such a night? Even my night, could not compare to his.

Char lights the way by saying, “In the depths of our darkness there is no one place for Beauty. The whole place is for Beauty.”

It was exactly the book I needed.

Simply Glowing Fire Flight

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The Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival is going on. Tonight there were about half a dozen balloons on display at the balloon glow in Elko at Mountain View Park Soccer Fields.

Here are some pictures of the event:

Another not so great self-portrait.

You can see more photographs of the event here.

Tomorrow at 6 a.m. there will be a mass ascension. They said they expected 30 balloons at Spring Lake.

Twitchange Donation.

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I dontated to the Twitchange AHIH cause. It was only $25. I had to bicycle to Smith’s to purchase a prepaid Visa gift card and register it online because I don’t have any credit/debit cards. The auction runs through 9/25.

I opted not to skip the auction and just donated.

Comic-con Confession

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I was reading an old post about sleeping on the beach at San Diego and I noticed that I was searching for showers.

I never found the shower and didn’t make it back to the beach. It’s a good thing Comic-con only lasts a few days.

What I now use Twitter for.

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In the past, I’ve used Twitter to try to save Dollhouse and share my love of Eliza Dushku as well as sign my Twitition.

For people interested in Twitition, here’s an interesting look at Twitition data.

Twitter recently suspended my account for using the @reply message. When I see someone post to channel #dollhouse saying they miss dollhouse, apparently, I’m not supposed to reply to them. Same thing if they post to #somuchlove or whatever happens to be trending.

Here’s a great example of the kind of murkiness that surrounds the whole issue. I found this Tweet online by someone who misses Dollhouse, posts about it, and then complains about getting a response:

Shouldn’t I be allowed to @reply someone like this with my twitition message?

My generic #dollhouse tweets do not seem to get posted to the wall. I guess in Twitter’s cyberspace, no one can hear you scream 🙂 Probably due to the filter.

Under these circumstances, I’ve decided it is not possible to social network without replying to people so I’ve decided to use Twitter for the only thing it is useful for: filing support tickets to challenge Twitter’s dumb rules.