(Meanwhile) Over in Minnesota…

Here is the status.

10 Responses to “(Meanwhile) Over in Minnesota…”

  1. Dollhouse Fan Says:

    Will you make it back in time? If you can win this case you can hopefully get back to doing outreach at Branch 3. Without outreach at Branch 3, saving Dollhouse might not happen.

    • I understand everyone thinks it is all just a joke and I don’t really care. I’m not sure why you cannot pass out a simple note that says you love someone, but apparently Catholic Charities feels that it is necessary to prevent such a thing, even if it takes lawyers. I met people who were trapped down there for years, which is really too bad.

  2. Katie Clark Says:

    The way I understand your case from the pleadings and motions, you are not just arguing the ability to distribute your materials. I think somewhere in the paperwork there is mention you can leave materials out for public perusing in some common area. Additionally, you are also challenging your right to take photos not solely of objects but of people inside the shelter. You also take issue with them videoing major parts of the shelter, including the sleep chambers.

    • After the staff threw my fliers to the ground when I tried to distribute them to volunteers, I took his picture which they subsequently told me to destroy. They said I could place the fliers in a designated area, but it is not clear that the volunteers (or anyone) would actually see them. It should also be noted that the signs I asked for permission to hang at Branch 3 (which they gave me permission to post) were very quickly taken down. Definitely challenged the videotape while sleeping stuff and the random searches. However, Eliza is my priority.

  3. Dollhouse Fan Says:

    Tore needed to do all of these activities to maintain an effective campaign to save Dollhouse. Why these Catholic Charities people want to interfere with this noble cause is unknown. Bullying people to stop free speech is not in the Constitution.

    Please Tore, get back to town and argue this motion. There is too much at stake.

    • Actually trying to save Dollhouse really was a noble cause: the show saved my life and I’m glad Tore tried saving its life. 🙂

  4. Just keep playing crazy Tore! You are close to that permanent safety net your after. You know, the one where you have no responsibilities. 3 hots and a cot and nothing to do all day but play video games and blog. Someone else will foot the bill.

    • Come on. At least sound like Spock. Or at least pick a sci-fi character who might not be the recent victim of watching entire civilizations (including his own) explode because no one believed him. Did you even read the prequel comics?

      I am sure you will enjoy having your rights waived unilaterally by third parties. Many organizations passed on the opportunity to hire me- and quite a few of them are worse off for it now. I have a lot to offer any organization or individual. At this time, there is only one person I think is worth offering anything to.

  5. Tore has a right to be monitored by cameras when he is at Branch 3 to keep him safe from theft and from getting beat up. If Tore wins his motion, Catholic Charities will be forced to put plenty of video cameras in Branch 3.

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