My Battlefield 2142 site is still up for those interested in learning about the game. Right now, the EA master server is having connection problems. This is not unusual.

10 Responses to “1541K”

  1. How is this helping save Dollhouse? Why are you playing video games when you should be attending to your lawsuit against Catholic Charities? How is Dollhouse going to be saved without outreach at Branch 3?

    What’s sad is how much you are demonstrating that you really don’t care about Eliza Dushku. You would rather play video games that demonstrate your love for her by saving her show and worshiping her.


    • You posted this under the “Elements updates” as well. It’s the same basic post. You use a lot of different names, some of which are of real people. I’ve tried to remove those posts at their request. I am not sure why you are fixated on this blog or in trying to berate me. You have a lot of strong opinions. Perhaps you should start your own blog (using your real name) and see how things go.

  2. So are you declaring defeat in the war to save Dollhouse?

  3. Dollhouse Fan Says:

    You have not done anything to save Dollhouse in weeks. Dollhouse is not going to save itself. Shame on you. Are you doing any outreach where you are staying now at your Mom’s house? It would be a poor substitute for outreach at Branch 3, but at least it would be something.

    You are never going to win the affections of Eliza Dushku with this poor of an effort.

  4. Dollhouse Fan Says:

    What about outreach? Shouldn’t you be doing outreach door to door in Nevada?

  5. Tore, I’m sorry about that troll that keeps harassing you, however I am curious too: have you stopped your efforts to try and save Dollhouse? It sucks but I understand if you have because I really didn’t think it was going to work. But you were so dedicated and did an awesome job!! Thanks Tore for spreading the Dollhouse gospel for so long after the show was gone. lol 😀

  6. Dollhouse Fan Says:

    The show is not gone. It’s just in limbo right now. I have been e-mailing WE, LOGO, the Outdoor Channel, TLC, Discovery and CSPAN to try and get them to pick up the show. I think I am starting the generate some buzz and am expecting some results soon. Having the scripts Tore wrote to show them has been very helpful.

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