You can now like Rene Char on Facebook.

Can’t find any of his works at the local library, but apparently there is a Facebook page for Rene Char. I like some of his quotes. Could be interesting reading.

“Bow down only in order to love.” -Rene Char

“If we live in a lightening flash, it is the heart of the eternal.” -Rene Char

“A few beings are neither in society nor in a state of dreaming. They belong to an isolated fate, to an unknown hope. Their open acts seem anterior to time’s first inculpation and to the skies’ unconcern. It occurs to no one to employ them. The future melts before their gaze. They are the noblest and the most disquieting”- Rene Char

Camus on Char: “Char will always protest against those who sharpen guillotines. He will have no truck with prison bread, and bread will always taste better to him in a hobo’s mouth than in a prosecuting attorney’s.”

One Response to “You can now like Rene Char on Facebook.”

  1. Dollhouse Fan Says:

    Is this person helping save Dollhouse in some way? I hope so, otherwise you are wasting time on efforts that do not help save Dollhouse.

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