Real connection problems.

I called my ISP a few days ago because I noticed ping spikes. They sent a service technician out, but he said he could not handle the issue of ping spikes the other tech would have to take care of it. That tech never showed up. I called the ISP back and they said they needed on the phone confirmation of a problem. I offered to email them my ping -t results, but that wasn’t good enough. I tried to replicate the test, but couldn’t during the phone call. Anyway, tonight I screenied a connection problem. (Not the first). Unfortunately, according to my ISP this connection problem never happened because I wasn’t on the phone with them at the time it occurred. Lame.

Connection problem confirmed.

3 Responses to “Real connection problems.”

  1. Rory Finch Says:

    Aren’t you homeless? What is the ISP servicing?

    • No. I am not homeless right now. I indicated that in my reply to summary judgment documents. The ISP refuses to come out now because I can’t prove the issue over the phone to them or they will charge me. I think the router might be overheating, but that is just a guess. Someone suggested it could be throttling, but not sure if that is the case. In any event, I have 3 log files, 2 of which show dramatic ping spikes.

  2. Obama Mama Says:

    What kind of work are you doing to feed yourself? You aren’t depending on your mother to feed you, are you?

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