I watched Scott Pilgrim versus the World. I can see why audiences are not rushing out to see it. Even with the ending, the film has a lot of dark undertones that make it somewhat hard to watch. When everyone is against your love, it is a very bad time. The battle scenes were a bit too drawn out, but perhaps they wanted to exhaust the audience the way Scott was exhausted. It’s also hard to see love as just a game, though I thought the integration of video games into the story was well done.

As of now, I much prefer the love story contained in the Last Airbender.

The Ramona Flowers card I got at Comic-con.

3 Responses to “Pilgrim”

  1. Dollhouse Fan Says:

    How is this card connected to saving Dollhouse? You need to explain your deviation from the important goal of saving Dollhouse. Is there an outreach message on the other side of it?

  2. This card is a step in the right direction to saving Dollhouse.

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