FYI, I am…

playing Team Fortress 2. Or I was until the laginess got to me. A friend of mine gave me a 9800GTX PCI-E video card. I promptly swapped some components around to get it working in a computer and I was ready to game. Or so I thought. It turns out, the ISP I’m using was not giving me the “provisional” speeds (e.g. the correct bandwidth). This appears to have resulted in laginess and ping spikes. Tech support will be out in 24-48 hours to try to correct the problem. Until then, I guess I won’t be playing TF2. Here’s a screenie for your amusement.

Update: So tech support came out and they say I am getting correct provisional speeds and they are not sure what they can do about the ping spikes. The ping spikes get as high as 750ms.

2 Responses to “FYI, I am…”

  1. Cute screenie Tore! Can other people in game see it too?? You should make one with Eliza pictures plastered everywhere and make it the most popular server on the game!! LOL 😀

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