Elements Updates

Elements has updated its card set again. The new artwork is awesome. They also have some interesting new cards to test out. Right now, I’m drawn to playing with Mindgate a lot.

I actually submitted a card idea for review, but I don’t think it will go anywhere because the Elements team is currently looking for sets and mine is stand-alone. There are many card suggestions everyday, so it is unlikely any one card will ever make it to the deck. My card was a time card.

If you want to see my card idea, it is here.

Last, I entered the Elements tournament where I finished fourth. This is the second time I have finished 4th, but there are a lot more people in the tournaments these days. The tournament included 2 chat rooms and round 1 preliminaries. The organizers are new, so there is a bit of confusion in running the tournament. I still think organizers should not compete in tournaments.

6 Responses to “Elements Updates”

  1. I don’t think organizers should compete in tournaments either, and congrats on 4th Tore!!! Wow that’s awesome!!!! 😀 I really liked that game but I never spent as much time with it as you.

  2. Enough of the emails notifying me of video games and other b.s.. Take me off. I don’t want to hear, nor do I need to hear about anybody’s plight to pursue a non-existent hero-worship based love tranfixiation and discussions of immature, child-like gamer topics. Time to grow up. I’m out of here. Later.

  3. I will escort g. solti to the brig Sir.

  4. How is this helping save Dollhouse? Your efforts have really lost direction. I can see that Eliza has noticed because she shacked up with Rick Fox instead of you. If you would have kept up your legal battle, you would have been living with Eliza in your sister’s basement or Branch 3 right now.

    It’s obvious why Eliza has rejected you. You are a quitter.

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