Latest Status of Legal Case

The situation with the lawsuit is very murky right now. Obviously, I am safely residing out of state making my participation very difficult to say the least.

The court waived the mediation requirement but suggested I may face sanctions.

Catholic Charities has brought forth a summary judgment motion. For my part, I have responded. I personally feel my earlier briefs read well, but I had to respond so I did.

My interest has always been to express my love for Eliza Dushku and save Dollhouse.

The files are here.

Update: The court has moved the legal hearing to Sept. 7.

5 Responses to “Latest Status of Legal Case”

  1. Obama Mama Says:

    This Judge is going to take your law license. How will you support yourself? You will have to live with your Mom if she will let you.

  2. Are you going to the September 7 hearing?

  3. Dollhouse Fan Says:

    Can’t you apply to the court for funds to return for the hearing?

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