More Comic-con

Here are some of the other things I ran into while at Comic-con 2010.

There were a lot of displays.

There was a lot of Batman at Comic-con. Here was one of the larger displays:

I tried to take a picture of the Ghostbusters car, but it would not fit in the frame.

Ghostbusters Car

Tron was everywhere, including this amazing light cycle display:


Tore also decided to take a picture by T(h)or for the fun of it. (Not the first time.)


I stopped by the Lego display. Some readers may remember my Lego Tore Love Eliza.

Stopped by the Lego display.

I stopped by the Konami booth to talk to them about using the Konami code while browsing the internet (like on Facebook). I think they get asked about it all the time. I keep trying to do it, but what is “start”?

There were a lot of comics.

I’ve already mentioned the Darkhorse signings, but of course there were numerous comic book sellers and displays everywhere.


There were stars.

There were celebrity signings as well. Here is the MST3K signing I attended. I went to an MST3K convention years ago in Minneapolis. It was great to see them.

MST3K Signing!

Star Trek had a significant artistic presence:

Star Trek Art.

William Shatner was there, but unfortunately, I could not get his signature.

William Shatner.

Finally, I also attended the TV.Now awards. LL Cool J received an award. I saw a shooting of NCIS:LA while I was in Hollywood last year trying to deliver the scripts to Eliza Dushku. I believe they were filming the episode Pushback at the Grove (Farmer’s Market). In any case, that’s where I was when they filmed it.

TV.COM has much better video of the Now Awards and there were a lot of great musical performances. It was free and in the area.

There was a lot more I experienced.

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