Left Salt Lake City and I am currently in Nevada so things have clearly taken a turn for the worse.

I’ve been digging around through some of my older stuff which was packed in boxes. I came across this, which I must have written about a year ago.

Playlist and notes.

I also found an old email I sent to my mother (I’ve redacted her email address after the episode with the phone.)

Email to mom.

I also took a quick snapshot of some emails I sent, to give you a small sense of what transpired.

Sent emails.

Many of the artwork and signatures were lost at Comic-con. I had a Nike bag with a just do it logo on it. It contained signatures for saving Dollhouse, my paintings for Eliza Dushku, medical bills, and tickets. I left Comic-con so quickly, I could not pick it up. There was also the matter of reverse A.

In any event, here is the post-Comicon picture:


I did not go to Vegas.

18 Responses to “Exiled”

  1. You should google the Kübler-Ross model- You are definitely stuck in the first 2 stages.

  2. Lila Norcutt Says:

    What of significance is shown in those emails? And why the month of December?

  3. Save Dollhouse Says:

    How is this saving Dollhouse?

  4. Sirna Kolrami Says:

    What is “reverse A”?

    • Rory Finch Says:

      I don’t know, but whatever it is, those references are the first time he’s been incoherent on the blog, which is troubling.

  5. Save Dollhouse Says:

    What is the status of your lawsuit against Catholic Charities Branch 3? Why aren’t you there doing outreach to Save Dollhouse?

  6. Tore- please explain “reverse A” … what it means and how you discovered it to be significant. Perhaps this would help your readers better understand your train of thought.

  7. Sorry you’re so far from home Tore, hope you get back there safely soon. I see The Orange Box there, I love that game. Portal is awesome. Please take care of yourself.

  8. Sweetie, can’t you get a job? I have expensive tastes and I demand that you tithe so we can have a Temple wedding.

  9. Maybe instead of trying to save Dollhouse, since everyone from that project has found new work, your time would be better spent trying to help Eliza by getting her on another top rated tv show like The Office or 30 Rock.

  10. Tore, why haven’t you saved Dollhouse yet? When are you going to get our outreach efforts back into Catholic Charities – Branch 3?

  11. I am not for sale. I am a human being.

  12. What am I, chopped liver?

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