I’m sorry Eliza Dushku

I’m so sorry… I love you more than anything. I don’t know what to do or say to prove this to you and if I want to spend my life with you. You are my greatest love and inspiration. I want to treat you right. If I kept you waiting, I never meant to keep you waiting. I tried today at least to show you how painful the wait has been for me. I’ve wanted to be with you in the worst way. I want to marry you asap. I’m sorry if I don’t understand how to get this done. I want a real relationship with you and I wrote those scripts as a gift to return to you something you gave me. Can we please get married? I’ve gone through all of this to try to marry you. I can’t tell you how much you mean to me. I don’t want to play games, I just want to share my life with you. My tears for you have been real. I love you. You are the most important thing to me. I’d love to see you. Can we please get married? I want to spend my life with you.

10 Responses to “I’m sorry Eliza Dushku”

  1. Rory Finch Says:

    And if she said no?

    • Eliza is free to decide who she chooses to marry. If she says no, nothing really changes.

      • Eddie Gororo Says:

        Tore, do you realize how eerie it sounds when you speak of someone with whom you have never met, as if you are on a first name basis? Please consider that your constant declaration of love for this person may be frightening and upsetting to her.

  2. Get a grip, man.

  3. lol u mad

  4. Lila Norcutt Says:

    As I understand it, you have never met Ms. Dushku. How in the world could you expect to marry her? You talk about her as if she is some sort of thing to be acquired. People get married when they decide – both of them decide – that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. You are a long way from having ANY kind of relationship with Dushku., let alone marrying her. You really need to face some reality here.

    • Eddie Gororo Says:

      At what point, Tore, would you consider your very public pursuit of this celerity to be abusive? Do you not take into account this person’s right to be free from public sexual advances? How would you like it if someone who you never met suddenly started a public campaign and blog to pursue your hand in marriage, characterizing herself as your bride, announcing wedding dates and places, promising to never stop loving you? Now consider if you wanted that person to stop pursuing you, and she refused. How would you feel?

      What is very obvious to the rest of us is that there is a very strong sexual subtext to your pursuit of this woman. You seem to equate her failure to respond as her consent in being pursued. This is just wrong. If you can’t stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back, you need to get some help.

      Please don’t characterize this post as a personal attack and please don’t turn it around as a criticism of me. Try to contemplate the issues I have raised, and know that I wish you the best.

  5. Sir, I am escorting you to sick bay.

  6. Let’s not judge Tore so much. Though his passion for Ms. Dushku may be zealous, I believe that tore is a zealous person generally. That does not mean that he has harmed Ms. Dushku in any fashion. Nor has she ever even expressed that she does not like or approve of such opinions by Tore.

    This is not to encourage Tore in his regards or pursuits. He is fully capable of determining what faith, love, and guidance he wishes to pursue.

    On the other hand, this blog, and all topica and contents have been an important venture to many of us. His discussions of homelessness and life on the road have been very interesting, well written and helpful.

    Tore, I have a request. Many of us will be unemployed soon. Layoffs are not letting up. The future does not look good. have you used food pantries or shelves, and if so, where are they, how do they operate and what are their rules and limitations? I can’t find this easily on the web. perhaps you can share some of this info, and let us know what your future plans are.

    • I am afraid I do not have much information about food shelves. I have not used food pantries or food shelves. As I have repeatedly explained, storage was a problem for me while I was homeless so I rarely obtained any kind of food. Some shelters did not want you to store food in lockers (though that rule did not appear to heavily enforced). I usually simply ate the meals that were provided at breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Mary’s Place, Branch 3, or at the shelters. There is a handbook of the streets available in Minneapolis which organizes resources by service category.

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