Comicon is wrapping up & I’m flying home.

Looks like my next stop might be in the West, probably Nevada.

70 Responses to “Comicon is wrapping up & I’m flying home.”

  1. Klingon Code dictates that once the scripts are delivered to the internet, you are married to Eliza Dushku.

  2. Tore, I’m curious: when did you fall so passionately in love with Eliza? Was it after you saw the first episode of Dollhouse?

    • I actually missed the first airing of the first episode. I don’t remember when I finally saw the first episode.

      • But is that when you first fell so head over heels in love?

      • No.

        I actually did not know much about Eliza Dushku before Dollhouse. I know almost nothing about Buffy/Angel, Tru Calling, or Bring it on. I have seen very few episodes of Buffy, no episodes of Tru Calling, and I don’t believe I’ve seen Bring it On. I may have watched some episodes of Angel.

        I have not seen many of her shows or followed her career very much. Since Joss Whedon was doing the show Dollhouse and I really liked Firefly and the Sing Along Blog, I thought I would watch Dollhouse. After watching the season, I started writing the first script Mortal Cords. The concepts behind Dollhouse seemed simple enough for me to understand and the love story was very compelling. After writing the script, I registered the script. I tried to get it moved through “proper” channels. I was also thinking about going to Comic con with the script. I did not make it to Comic con because of my annual trip to Norway. Instead, I ended up in Salt Lake City staying with a friend and watching the movie Moon before taking off for Norway.

        Eliza Dushku was increasingly on my mind. After taking off for Norway, I decided I would write a second script which I outlined in Norway. I was thinking about a totally new movie starring Eliza Dushku, but realized Dollhouse as a vehicle provided everything I needed in terms of characters and ideas. By the time the second script was written and registered, I was more in love with Eliza than ever. It only got worse.

  3. so how does someone who is homeless afford a vacation?

    • Rory Finch Says:

      I was wondering that myself.

      (And do they really give free admission to SDCC to anyone who’s ever registered a script w/ the WGA?)

      • I explained to the SDCC the special circumstances of my homelessness. I think normally I would have to give them the $100. I told them I did not have $100. I tried to work a deal to get a reduced price under the jr/sr prices when they offered to waive the fee owing probably to my financial situation and what they said was a willingness to invest in my talent. It appears very discretionary. What appears more possible is onsight registration as a fall back.

    • I used my frequent flyer miles to book the ticket. I had about $60 in cash for spending on food and other things. I slept outdoors.

      • CuriousGeorge Says:

        Wow, you must fly around a lot to get miles like that…I need your skillz to keeping a budget as well…

      • I did not get back to Minnesota.

      • CuriousGeorge Says:

        Are you planning on getting back to Minn.?

        So, what is the next stop given that Eliza has not responded and at this point will never get back to you given she is in a solid long-lasting relationship with her boyfriend?

        Seems you are an easy going person and a lot of people seem to care about you…maybe you should move on and start a new bright career for yourself.

  4. Tore, I want a proper Mormon wedding in the Temple in Salt Lake City. Please meet me there. We need to speak to the elders about our ceremony. We will have to work on a Temple recommend first.

    • Apparently it would take a year to get a proper wedding like that. I do not want to wait that long.

    • CuriousGeorge Says:

      That is definitely not a nice thing to write as you are not the Eliza that he has affections towards, unless you both have this set up as a joke between you two…but I am sure Tore is humoring you…

  5. Tore, I am going to accept the marriage proposal of Mitt Romney’s son. He is a real man who respects my desire for a Temple wedding. Perhaps you can find some other person who does not want to wait. Please end your romantic pursuit of me. Further, the Mormon church no longer tolerates polygamy.

    • Eliza, I am not interested in polygamy. I just want to marry you. If I can’t wait, it is because the waiting is extremely painful. It feels like centuries of war. I would get married with you anywhere. I thought you were a non-practicing mormon anyway.

      • I sincerely hope you’re just humoring this “Eliza” who is clearly not the real one.

  6. Where are you? You missed the meeting I set with the Elders.

  7. The Elders said we can’t get a Temple marriage until you get a job and tithe for a year. If you want to marry me, you will have to get a job my dear. I won’t call you until you have had solid employment and proven tithing for one year. This tithing will have to be verified by the Elders at your stake.

  8. I don’t really think I would make a very good mormon.

  9. Tore,

    I am a new visitor to your blog, found by link from an unnamed humor website. Being a neutral third party, who has until now been unaware of your existence, drive, and purpose, I nonetheless feel compelled to give you my thoughts.

    First, I should explain that I am not a mental-health professional, and have had no training of any kind in any medical field. That being said, I must say you seem to display an astonishing lack of regard to your own health status. You see yourself as conducting outreach of some kind to save a television show that has been cancelled for over a year. You wish to marry an actress who appeared on that show, and have made several very public proclamations and displays of this desire. You are (currently?) homeless and have spent time in several shelters in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. All this, despite the fact that you clearly have family that you keep in contact with (at least, recently), and have had some schooling in the legal profession.

    You say that your medical records declare that you are not mentally-unstable and that you are not a danger to yourself and others. The very nature of your persistence, having reached out on so many levels to attain what must now be clear to you as unattainable, says something different to me. I know that if I were the object of your affection, a public figure, I would be very frightened by all of this, and would most likely never desire to initiate contact with you, as you may see that contact as another channel to pursue your own interests (selfish as they may be). I believe your desire has clouded your better judgment, and I sincerely wish that you would get into some kind of program/therapy to help you. Again, I am not a mental-health professional, only a neutral third-party observer.

    My advice? Get out of the shelters and move in with some family; get yourself into a stable home situation. Begin the process of healing yourself through therapy/counselling/medication if needed. You are clearly a smart man, and I wish you could take care of yourself with the same commitment as you have shown here in your efforts. Even not knowing you, I am concerned. Such is human.

    Those of you here in the comments who are posting under “Eliza”, or are otherwise egging him on, please understand that you are in no way helping him. You may find all this amusing, but you are only adding to the difficulties that this man needs to overcome. Be humane and help your brother. Encourage him to seek a more stable environment and get the help he needs.

    Tore, I’ll continue to check this site from time to time. I truly hope you take my suggestions to heart. The road to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life can only begin if you are brave enough to take that first step.

    My regards,

  10. Sygman Rhee Says:

    Tore, you have rejected Eliza’s offer of a proper Temple wedding. Your unwillingness to make even the basic sacrifice of having a job and tithing for a year is indicative that you are not serious about marrying Eliza.

  11. If you could get a job AND tithe to the Latter Day Saints 20% of your net income, I would reconsider an engagement and perhaps getting married in a Temple other than the main one in Salt Lake City.

    • Sirna Kolrami Says:

      Getting a job might not be such a bad idea. Why not give it a try? It can’t hurt to have some money and stability. Those things tend to be desirable to women.

  12. Sara: Stay away from my man.

    • I’m in Florida. Sounds like I’m pretty far away from him. While I’m at it, why don’t you show some respect and compassion, and stop egging this poor man on? Oh, I know, you’re doing this “for the lulz”. Get a life.

  13. Tore has a law license. He’s just too lazy to work. He prefers video games. I want a man who works and tithes and takes care of his family, not one who is homeless and plays video games all day.

  14. “Oh, I know, you’re doing this “for the lulz”.”

    Hey Sara, why don’t you come down from Mt. Sanctimony and shut the fuck up? Tore may be mentally ill but he isn’t stupid. He knows what he’s doing. Tore ignores any legitimate criticisms on this blog. If he doesn’t like what is posted, he can delete it. However, he chooses not to. Why? Because he likes the attention.

    • I am not afraid of criticism. I have stated over and over again that I am not mentally ill. I have posted the email from Dr. Tom Grace to support this. I have consistently stated that I am in love with Eliza Dushku. I want to marry her.

  15. You will have to get a job, bathe and tithe my homeless hunk. I don’t think you can do these things. Therefore, you cannot marry me.

    • Concerned Friend Says:

      Would you consider obtaining and posting all of your medical records from Dr. Glass, including a detailed report of 1) subjective presentation of the patient 2) objective observation of the physician 3) assessment 4) treatment plan? Any medical records without all of these elements do not serve as the best evidence.

      • Concerned Friend Says:

        or is his name Dr. Grace?

      • I never met Dr. Grace. I have already released my medical records and made them generally available. I do not consider the fact that I love Eliza Dushku and wrote scripts for her to be a basis for being held for mental health treatment.

  16. Concerned Friend Says:

    I understand, but why, then, do you refer to Dr. Grace’s email as a response to those who question your emotional stability? If you never met him, then his email should not carry much weight.

    Also, you say you have released your mental health records, but I only see Dr G’s email, and an intake form from a crises center…surely there must be more documentation from your time in treatment… what do those records say?

    I don’t consider writing scripts for, and loving, someone troubling in the least, but your blog has been an ongoing narrative of much more than that.

    People can get bogged down in labels like “mental illness” but my concern is whether you are leading a fulfilling, productive life, and whether you can do so independently. However you characterize your predicament, one thing is clear: your well being is contingent on someone who is unattainable. That is not a healthy situation. I hope you can find a way to move on. Letting go is not easy, but it would the most powerful indication yet of emotional maturity and self control.

    And if you think that your love interest is attainable, that goes far beyond loving someone and writing scripts. If you think someone will love you back just because you love them, then that has the potential to ruin you life. That is what I see when I go back and read your story.

    I hope you find your way back. Take care.

    • I’ve heard this all before. Dr. Grace was the supervisor of the other doctors who ignored me. His participation came fairly late- after I bailed and became homeless essentially. I’m not sure how they were going to treat me for “love”, but apparently that doesn’t phase you. I love Eliza and I want to marry her.

      • Sirna Kolrami Says:

        John Hinckley was is love with Jodie Foster, too.,_Jr.

      • @Sirna: Medical reports I’ve posted state clearly I’m not a threat to myself or anyone else.

      • Sirna Kolrami Says:

        Well, regardless of whether or not you are a threat to others, the larger point is still valid. Mr. Hinckley was in love with Jodie Foster even though he had only seen her in a movie. This type of love was the result of his mental illness. You are in a similar situation as Mr. Hinckley was. You are in love with an actress that you have never met. You have attempted to impress her and get her attention. You must at least consider that it is possible that your love is also the result of a mental illness.

      • Concerned Friend Says:

        Show us where your medical reports clearly state that you are not a threat to you or others. Your intake form at the crises center on the first page states that you self reported you are not a danger to yourself or others. The second page down toward the bottom, however, states the intake worker assessed you are between a moderate to severe risk.

        We are very concerned about you, Tore. I do not think you are capable of violence, but I do worry about your social isolation and suicidal ideation. I also worry your ilness could degrees to an unpredictable status. You talk of “suicide tears” on your blog. We are all pulling for you, and we want to you live your life and be happy without your fixation on an actress.

      • You used to post under David Stockman? Still up to the same stupid assertions I guess.

      • Concerned Friend Says:

        I have to admit, it stings when you call me stupid. Stupid I may be, but I do believe I am coherent enough to recognize the difference between reality and fantasy. The arguments I make are rooted in reason, and supported by actual, real world evidence. I make assertions based only on facts. I raise pertinent, thoughtful questions in the hopes of helping you help yourself. When you can’t argue back, you get personal. It’s a shame because it is clear to all of us that you are suffering and you don’t know how to help yourself. It’s amazingly clear to everyone but you that your belief that ED will marry you is a self destructive belief, rooted in a fantasy gone adrift.

        Give me one fact, one piece of evidence rooted in the real world that ED has made any effort at all to contact you or love you back. You have been at this for how long? Where is the evidence she loves you or will ever love you ? Just show me. Show us all.

      • Sirna Kolrami Says:

        You keep referring to medical records, so I took a look. I found two pages from an intake at “People Incorporated Diane Ahrens Crisis Residence”. According to the second page, the psychiatrist listed his diagnosis. It is found under the heading “DIAGNOSIS”. Under Axis I, it says “BPAD – Manic”. This is a reference to a diagnosis of a mood disorder known as Bipolar Affective Disorder.

        Under Axis II, the Dr. wrote “deferred”, which means that he did not diagnose this.

        Under Axis V, the Dr. wrote the number “35”. This number relates to the Global Assessment of Functioning. 35 is a very low number here. It means that the Dr. believes that you have significant impairment in your functioning because of your illness.

        These medical records show us that you HAVE been diagnosed with mental illness. And the illness is having a significant affect on your life. These records to not support your repeated assertions that you are not ill. Please look at them again.

        Furthermore, this is only an intake form. There are surely other records from those that treated you after this.

      • I disagreed with the assessment. My point was made to Rep. Tim Walz that perverse funding mechanisms incentivize the warehousing of people without need or benefit. They only get paid if they find something wrong.

      • Sirna Kolrami Says:

        I understand that you disagree. But would you agree that it might be possible that a person that is suffering from an illness may not recognize that illness for himself?

        If numerous people are suggesting this, as they have here, that you are not thinking clearly, does it not raise the possibility in your mind that they might be correct? Is everyone wrong and you are right?

        Furthermore, and importantly, you have cited the same medical records that I have for a proposition that is clearly false. This initial intake, whether you agree with it or not, does NOT support the proposition that you are well. It simply does not. You are certainly free to refer to other records to support your proposition, but this intake form does not support your view.

        At this point, it is not even about the content of the document. Instead, you have shown us that you have so obviously misinterpreted this document that your reading and judgment are flawed.

      • Sirna: Odd that your post should come up with mailto: Reding & Pilney.

      • Sirna Kolrami Says:

        I could have used a proxy server, but my comment would be the same. It’s not as if I didn’t know the IP address wasn’t traceable.

        Although I bet this one is a bit tougher.

      • Those of us who use our real names have more credibility.

      • All the while you continue to ignore Concerned Friend’s request that you present ANY evidence that Eliza loves you back. Or even knows of your existence, for that matter.

  17. Concerned Friend Says:

    Why would a psychiatrist treat love? What a psychiatrist can treat is the depression associated with unrequited love. Psychiatrists can also treat strong beliefs that are contradicted by reality. For example, if I were to fall madly in love with Megan Fox, and if I believed that she would love me back – the psychiatrist would not treat my “love” for Megan, but rather, my FALSE BELIEF that she would love me back. When you believe something will happen, when no evidence in the real world indicates it will happen, this is a very serious problem.

    When faced with this question in the past, you have responded: “Dr. Grace said it was love”. If the implication is that Dr. Grace did not think you had problems in addition to being in love, then I am not buying it. It’s a clever argument you make, but I think if you obtained and posted all the records from your treatment program, it would be clear that the Dr’s are very concerned for you. You can disagree with their diagnosis, but to characterize Dr. Grace as giving you a clean bill of health is disingenuous and intellectually dishonest.

    I don’t mean to personally attack you in anyway. If you take it that way, I am sorry. I just want you to be happy and independent. It is never healthy to depend so much on someone loving you…. Even couples who love each other deeply, have a certain measure of emotional independence. I would argue that emotional independence is a hallmark of a healthy relationship. I am not a mental health professional, but I know chronic sadness when I see it.

    Best wishes

    • I will never convince you, but I don’t need to.

      • Both Shirna and Concerned Friend make valid points. You disagree with the Crises Center assessment yes; however, it is not stupid for someone to assert from that assessment that you have been diagnosed with mental illness. You continually refer to your mental records as if they provide some kine of exoneration. They do not. You can disagree with the records, but you cannot claim those records show your are healthy. Page 2 of ‘Crises Center assessment, toward the bottom of the page under “RECIPIENT RISK ASSESSMENT” “High”- consider hospitalization is circled with an arrow pointing toward “Moderate”. This means the individual doing the intake assessed you as either needing hospitalization or outpatient care.

        I can accept if you think the assessment is bogus, but I can’t accept your assertion that the records show you are not a danger to yourself or others. Maybe you aren’t, but that is not what the assessment says. Read it again carefully. First page, second line – YOU are quoted as saying you are not a threat, but nowhere on the assessment does the provider say so.

        The Crises Center assessment does nothing to buttress your argument that you are not emotionally troubled. In fact, it contradicts that argument. I’m surprised you would post it without some kind of point by point rebuttal of why you think the provider is wrong.

        I hope you can find help, someone who you trust and will listen to. We do not want you to suffer as you have over the last several months.

      • I am not a danger to myself or anyone else. I have consistently maintained that I love Eliza Dushku. I wrote the scripts for her. There is nothing wrong with that. Apparently, a 10 minute conversation with a doctor who knows nothing about you is enough to cause you a lifetime of problems which apparently you have no ability to counteract. Meanwhile, paranoid strangers get to jump on you without any facts whatsoever. I think that Dr. Grace’s suggestion that the treatment plan would be changed to “love” is a strong admission. I understand some people don’t want to look at Rep. Tim Walz’s statement. I frankly don’t care. Nothing changes the fact that I am not a danger to myself or anyone else. Nothing changes the fact that I love Eliza Dushku and want to marry her. That does not make me crazy. It’s up to Eliza to accept.

  18. Concerned Friend Says:

    I am wholeheartedly convinced you love Eliza. I am equally convinced she doesn’t love you back. You can provide no evidence in the real world that she does love you or will ever love you. I don’t mean to be harsh; I am just trying to help you come back to reality. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think every single person on this blog agrees with me that your belief that Eliza will love you is a false belief, or if you prefer the medical nomenclature, a delusion.

    Best wishes,

    A very concerned friend.

  19. Rory Finch Says:

    “Meanwhile, paranoid strangers get to jump on you without any facts whatsoever.”


    – You’re madly in love with a celebrity who you’ve never met, much less interacted with in any form.
    – You’ve been living homeless for months as part of an effort to save her TV show, which was cancelled in January.

    • Rory Finch Says:

      Accidentally clicked the “Submit Comment” button.


      – It’s been implied by your friends that you quit your job as a lawyer.
      – The cast and crew of said show has moved on to new jobs. The creator has said that it’s completely over with.
      – You asked said creator (and Eliza Dushku’s co-producer) to help you marry said woman who you’ve never met.
      – You’ve made multiple incoherent references to something called “Reverse A” and ignored any requests for elaboration on what you’re talking about.

      It would be malpractice for a mental health professional to say you were completely healthy and not a threat to anyone.

      • I did not quit my job as a lawyer. I had not practiced for years. I find the profession unhealthy.
        I do not have to explain everything to anybody. Even when I am explicit, people misunderstand.
        I was not homeless to save her show, I was homeless because my sister said I could not live with her without undergoing treatment which I felt was unnecessary. The only option for me at the time was a shelter. I am not currently living in a homeless shelter because people have stopped forcing me to undergo any kind of treatment in exchange for housing.

      • Didn’t you become homeless in Los Angeles during your first attempt to deliver your scripts to ED? This was before you sister became involved.

      • @Help 4U. My trip to Los Angeles was very short last year. I was sleeping in my car. I had plenty of food packed. When I had the money, I showered at a gym, but I did go to shelters during the week to shower. I felt safe in my car.

      • Rory Finch Says:

        Ok then, still:

        – You’re madly in love with a celebrity who you’ve never met, much less interacted with in any form.
        – You’ve been making an effort to save her TV show, which was cancelled in January.
        – The cast and crew of said show has moved on to new jobs. The creator has said that it’s completely over with.
        – You asked said creator (and Eliza Dushku’s co-producer) to help you marry said woman who you’ve never met.
        – You’ve made multiple incoherent references to something called “Reverse A” and ignored any requests for elaboration on what you’re talking about.
        – People all over the internet that had never met you have told stories of you randomly accosting them on the street and asking for help in saving Dollhouse.
        – You’re seeing things in the crisis center’s intake forms that aren’t there. It doesn’t matter if you disagree with them. They don’t say what you’ve said they say.

        If these facts applied to someone other than yourself (as well as involving a different celebrity and TV show), what would you think of that person? Why do you think your family and the shelters think you need mental health care (and no, “they don’t understand love” is not a valid answer)? Were you diagnosed with a mental illness before the last few years?

      • This was my first interaction with the so called mental “health” community. Not all of my family members feel I need mental health therapy. I am comfortable with saying I love Eliza Dushku. I am happy I wrote the scripts for her. I appreciate the fact that people like Joss Whedon still autograph my script even as he cannot apparently help me marry Eliza Dushku.

      • Rory Finch Says:

        You didn’t answer my other questions.

      • I don’t answer to you Rory. I don’t have to explain everything I do and you don’t need to understand it. In any case, nothing I say to you will satisfy you anyway. The truth in this case is simple: I love Eliza Dushku.

  20. I don’t think you’re a threat to anyone Tore, but I don’t think you’re completely healthy mentally. It’s no big deal, I’m not either, but I started an anti depressant that really works for me and my life has changed big time. I’m not saying you’re depressed and would benefit from anti depressants at all, I just want you to know that I understand to a point, and I love Eliza too so obviously I understand your dedication. Anyway maybe one day you’ll get sick of how you’re living and will change but if you’re not hurting anyone, it’s your life. I can see a much better life for you than what you’re currently living but you are free to choose what you want.

  21. I will not marry Tore. He refuses to work and is lazy as hell. What kind of life would we live together? Homeless? He refuses to even pursue his lawsuit so outreach can continue to save my show at Branch 3.

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