Water falls on Sun Day

I need to clear some things up. The story on this blog is extremely long now.

Let me begin by saying I love Eliza Dushku more than anything. She is the one for me.

I wrote 4 scripts which I wanted to give her as a paper ring.
The last year has been an unmitigated disaster. I was actually going to ask people “What went wrong”, when almost nothing went right. I lost my car, was put into mental health facilities for loving Eliza Dushku, and became homeless for months. I initiated lawsuits when they attempted to supress my ability to try to save Dollhouse. I spent months conducting outreach at every available event I could find, from sporting events to cultural events, to political events. I can document and detail these events if required. I have the information to verify the parking tickets in Los Angeles, the lawsuits, and other things.

Throughout everything, Eliza Dushku was my entire inspiration.
I have spent everything I have and lost almost everything trying to get this ring to Eliza Dushku so I can marry her.
When I go to gate A, I am hoping that Eliza Dushku will arrange for a pick up or meet me there so that we can get married (e.g. the wedding is on- “it’s on”).
Comicon was a last minute attempt to make this connection. The proposal is not a joke. Comicon is at the cultural vanguard of science fiction and fantasy, I figured there was a good possibility that if I could not get the scripts to Eliza Dushku directly, I could get them to Joss Whedon who could get them to Eliza Dushku.

I don’t want to fight with Eliza Dushku, I want to unite with Eliza Dushku.

I need you Eliza. Marry me. Water falls on Sun day because you are not with me.

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