Every day ends, where it begins, until we get this done. You know where I’ll be now.

Reverse A Not A. I have to lose this race. It’s not B either. It’s not anyone its only reverse A.

Water falls on Sun Day. Just like the day began. I’ll take my time. Please run.

6 Responses to “Run”

  1. Tore, that is so beautiful. I looked for you frenetically at Comicon. Where were you my love? At first I just thought you were another schizophrenic weirdo, but I have grown to love you and respect you deeply.

  2. Eddie Gororo Says:

    Tore, it seems to me that you understand the above post from Eliza is a fake. Would it be fair to say that you understand the post is a fake because deep down inside you know she will not be contacting you? I know it hurts, but we can’t harvest the fruits of life without plowing through some hurt.

    • No. It’s not like that.

      • Eddie Gororo Says:

        Well, sometimes we can fall victim to our dreams as a means to numb the pain of reality. It can be very difficult to approach mid-adulthood without a partner, family, or place to call home. I believe you will face the loneliness at some point, when you are ready, and you will find that by facing it, it will be severely diminished In the mean time, if you ever feel like things are just too much to handle, don’t be afraid to rely on the people closest to you.

  3. Rory Finch Says:

    What does the original post even mean? It’s pretty incoherent, and whatever you can say about Tore, he’s always been coherent on the blog, so it’s somewhat worrying.

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