Eliza @ Signing with your brother Joss

I want to marry the real Eliza Dushku not your avatar. I would love to see the real Eliza Dushku now.

Update: Joss Whedon physically autographed my DVD of Dollhouse and the copy of the fourth script which I plan to give to Eliza Dushku and I asked him for help marrying Eliza Dushku. I am still trying to give all four scripts to Eliza Dushku as a ring. His brother Jed is also releasing his first movie Last Stop.

10 Responses to “Eliza @ Signing with your brother Joss”

  1. Did Joss say he would help you?

  2. Well it was nice Joss signed the 4th one for you. He’s such a good guy. 🙂

  3. Yeah, it’s too bad he can’t help me marry Eliza Dushku. @elizadushku Will you please marry me? http://bit.ly/ay9gyw and http://bit.ly/dwzI7f and http://bit.ly/cBERAS

  4. Lynne Levandowski Says:

    Sorry, Tore. I got confused by all these links.

  5. Eliza will not marry you until you prove your love by saving Dollhouse. Your abandonment of efforts at outreach at Branch 3 have hurt your cause to marry Eliza considerably.

  6. […] During my trip to Comic-con I ask Joss Whedon’s for his help in marrying Eliza Dushku. (He said he could not help me.) […]

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