Darkhorse Zack Whedon Andy MacDonald Signing.

I stopped by Dark Horse again today. I have not been able to contact Joss Whedon or Eliza Dushku.

My goal is to get the scripts to Eliza Dushku to offer them as a paper ring so I can marry her. They are free to her.

Zack suggested that I contact C.A.A. I did try to go through CAA initially but they said I need a referral which I explained to Zack. If someone will refer me, I can get through to Joss Whedon.

Given the nature of the scripts, I would prefer to give them to Eliza directly or through Joss Whedon as an intermediary but I took advantage of the opportunity to try to get help from Zack.

The attempt resulted in failure again, but I left Zack with my card.

2 Responses to “Darkhorse Zack Whedon Andy MacDonald Signing.”

  1. Good luck Tore!! Maybe searching for a referral would be easier than trying to contact Whedon directly.

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