Comicon and Media

I have met many member of the press corp and continued outreach with them. BBC America has a booth but I did not run into onsight journalists. Other bloggers and e-media are present and, of course, I took the time to stop by G-4TV which is broadcasting from the floor.


Comicon is attempting to restrict access to prior registration. Regular readers already know that I am embroiled in a lawsuit with Catholic over prior media restraints. After all, a lot of things will happen that will become news and cannot be anticipated. Comicon should allow for onsight registration of press. Coverage is usually very good for events like these and even when issues are negative, press coverage can raise awareness of the problems so they can be worked out.

I run a blog which is media, (even if its real goal is simply to tell the world how much I love Eliza Dushku.)

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