T50 Farming.

So early today I noticed that the T50 games did not seem to be costing anything if you opted on in menu. This no longer appears to be the case.

I took the time to test out ScaredGirls L3 grinder, which is an excellent T50 deck as well with a few modifications. Her deck works very well for winning L3 rounds, though it does not get many EM’s.

Her code is (mark is Time):

4vh 4vj 4vj 4vj 4vj 52q 55u 5c1 5f2 5f2 5f9 5f9 5f9 5f9 5f9 5fa 5fa 5i5 5l9 5l9 5l9 5l9 5l9 5og 5rr 5rr 5rr 5rr 5rr 5rr

I modified it a bit for me (mark is Time):

4vh 4vj 4vj 4vj 52q 55u 5c1 5f9 5f9 5f9 5f9 5f9 5fa 5fa 5fc 5fc 5l9 5l9 5l9 5l9 5l9 5og 5rr 5rr 5rr 5rr 5rr 5rr 6u3 7ds

It’s still a pretty simple deck- excellent for L3. You can up it with additional things and make it better, but very good for l3 and pretty good for T50. You can subsititute vampire stilleto for arsenic or add Ray of Light. I eventually added 1 supernova, but I’m not sure if that was the right move. It can jam you up if you do not have the 2 entropy casting cost.

Most people grind L3 to earn money. I do have a good L5 deck, which I have already posted on this site. I think that is good for earning money.

Today, I went back to T50 mostly because I was interested in weapons/rare items. T50 seems to be much better for those.

In general, most opponents in T50 fall into the extremely hard or farm category.

I tested 48 of the current decks. 2 did not come up in the rotation and it would be too expensive to keep trying to find the last 2 without actually playing the decks. I take a loss each time I opted out of the fight which cost me a lot of electrum and gave me too many losses on my record.

Currently, here is my list of T50 farms:

* Nothing Farm Pharoahs and Squids: No defenses EM
* 10Men Green shards/Miracles EM
* 3d House of beef Bone Pillar/Squids/Trident EM
* Burnsone Green/Yellow Shards EM
* Rastafla Vampire Stilletos/Druidic Staff EM
* UnionRuler- has defenses was v. easy. Arsenic
* radiant6 Vampire Stilleto/Poisiden/Trident EM
* hrmmm Pulverizer/Arsenic EM
* oxoxen Vampire stilleto Dagger/ Very easy
* Jangoo- has defenses Druidic Staff/Owls Eyes
* Donot- has defenses Miracle/Blue Shard/Animated Weapon/Morning Star
* Smuglapse Discord/Yellow Shard EM
* Deepdown Titan/Yellow Shard EM
* Crimsonflippa- Easy Arsenic/Owl’s Eyes
* Assto

TimeMaster Has significant potential but I got an EM
jinze Has defenses, probably should skip.

Again, the principal advantage to playing T50 is the frequency of rare weapons and items.

I’ve been experimenting with this variant lately which also seems to work well.

4vh 4vj 4vj 4vj 55u 5c1 5f9 5f9 5f9 5f9 5f9 5fa 5fa 5fc 5fc 5l9 5l9 5l9 5l9 5l9 5og 5ur 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6u3 7ds

By replacing the precog with quantum towers, you can change mark to fire.

It seems competitive with a wide range of more troublesome T50 decks:

Azrael Has defenses, Pharoahs/Feral. Win Eternities/Pharoahs. Winnable.

Theoct Has defenses, but beatable.

Walidus Has defenses beatable. Reflective shield, feral bond, toads, cockatrice

Chaoz Skip Has defenses. Beatable, but still has defenses. Animated Weapon, Deadly Poison, Unstoppable, Green Shard.

avenger Easy but has defenses Nova, Sundial, Feral Bond, etc.

mrblonde Doable, but skip. It’s mostly just a PITA but should be able to kill with a weapon. Squids/Tridents

Since it looks like losses do count now in the menu, the list is less useful than it was. It still gives you an idea of the kind of things you can get in T50 though.

After the tournament today (unupped Rainbow), I took a break and played around with some other deck ideas. Netjak posted an interesting unupped mutant deck which caught my eye, so I started modifying it to come up with this (works really well on L3 and works okay on T50). The fallen druids mean it always has the potential to win. I’m thinking about adding another fallen druid or maybe changing the stilleto to a pulverizer, not really sure. Keep wondering about the shield situation- should I change one Nova to Immolation and add a fire shield?

4vj 52n 5f3 5if 5og 5ok 5ok 5ur 5ut 621 621 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u6 6u6 6u6 74b 7af 7af 7am 7q1

Update: I keep reworking the deck. Hopefully it gets better each time I try it.

In the latest version, I am adding more upped cards. I’m going with Pulverizer to counteract some of the T50 permanents. I’ve added a few cards including shards for healing, increased the quantum towers, and added an upped Lava Golem for more offense.

4vj 52n 5ok 5ok 5ut 621 621 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6rn 6rn 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u3 6u6 6u6 6u6 74b 77f 7af 7af 7am 7dl 7dq 7ds 7gv 7q1

September update:

Finally, here is a deck code which is boring but seems very effective on T50.

T50 Fire Mono grinder. Mark is Fire.

5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f0 5f4 5f4 5f4 5f4 5f4 5f4 5f5 5f7 5f7 5f7 5fc 5fk 6qq 6qq 6qq 6qq 6rn 6rn 6rn 6rn 6rn 6rn 7di 7dl 7ds

A simple deck which simply tries to live long enough to firebolt the opponent or kill it with farenheit. Do not play quantum pillars against gravity opponents. Not sure if the dragon really needs to be upped, but since I won it, why not?

Wins 20/25 (80%). EM’s 13/25 (50%).

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  1. Save Dollhouse! Says:

    How is this helping save Dollhouse? You better get back out there and pound the pavement and get Dollhouse saved.

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