Getting in touch with me.

It is not easy to get in touch with me. Currently, my phone number is disconnected. This is very unfortunate. However, it is still possible to reach me on the internet. You can follow me on Facebook. If you are wondering which Tore Simonsen to follow, I’m the one with the Albert Camus quote that says, “Violence is never justified.” It’s attributed to A.C. owing to space and is one of my favorite quotes.

Here is a link to my page:

From the ID:!/profile.php?id=1204663565

2 Responses to “Getting in touch with me.”

  1. Uh, you kinda sorta gave the wrong link. Facebook links work in a way that confuses a lot of people, unfortunately, so here’s a shortened version of your link in a form that more people will be able to find:

    btw: I am

    You might also consider going to to create a shorter Facebook link for yourself (like I did). Don’t worry, your old Facebook link will redirect to your new one (It should, anyhow; it has worked that way for most peoples’ links so far).


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