More to say later

Since leaving the shelter, I have been able to get some better sleep in general. I am more relaxed now. There is no pressure to get any kind of therapy, so that matter appears to have resolved favorably.

11 Responses to “More to say later”

  1. You need to be in sick bay on Deep Space 9. I will escort you there.

  2. Captain Picard Says:

    I assume that when you win your lawsuit against Catholic Charities that you will move back in to Branch 3 to do outreach.

    I can’t believe you would give up on Eliza and Dollhouse. If you aren’t out on the streets doing outreach, you are not helping save Dollhouse. You cannot save Dollhouse from your sister’s basement – there is no one there to do outreach to.

  3. Lila Norcutt Says:

    Why do you not want therapy? What can it hurt? I think a lot of people would benefit from some therapy.

  4. Howard Van Hunsenger Says:

    We’ll I do know that therapy is very fashionable in West Hollywood. A lot of celebrities go to therapy just as a way to better understand themselves and deal with ordinary life stress. Hope no one in Hollywood is offended by the anti-therapy stigma that is perhaps implied by those who refuse it. Of course, it should be voluntary, as forced therapy has a very low success rate.

  5. “There is no pressure to get any kind of therapy, so that matter appears to have resolved favorably.”

    Yeah, god forbid she demand you seek help while living there for free! The humanity!

  6. Number 2 Says:

    So who was the most intriguing character on the Next Generation? Counselor Troi or Wesley?

  7. Save Dollhouse! Says:

    You should be out pounding the pavement to Save Dollhouse. What of Branch 3?! Dollhouse goes unsaved without outreach at Branch 3.

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