I am currently out of the homeless shelter/park situation for now. I do not feel that I have accomplished anything that really mattered to me, most importantly, telling Eliza Dushku how much I love her.

11 Responses to “Shutdown”

  1. magnusbarfod Says:

    So where are you? Relation house? Friends couch? Secure unit?

  2. I’m not sure what homelessness and Eliza Dushku even had in common in the first place but I’m happy to know that you’ve hopefully found a better living situation for yourself.

    • I am no longer being forced into a situation where I must choose between housing and therapy. My living situation was bound to improve no matter what as I was sleeping in a park. In the end, I lost my passport and another sd card during the final weeks. Did not get out of that situation with much. It was the absolute lack of sleep which was destroying me.

  3. You’ve accomplished something amazing – you’ve found shelter. Find a job. Rediscover your family and friends. Eliza will never rebuild your life – you will.

  4. If you are now married to Eliza but Dollhouse is not saved, will you both be moving into Branch 3 when you prevail in your lawsuit against Catholic Charities? It seems that the folks at Branch 3 are the most important group to reach if you want to save this television show.

    • I believe Tore’s prohibition on giving him advice extends to you as well. And I’m pretty sure Eliza has at least enough money to rent a small apartment in Brooklyn Park, or something.

  5. “I am no longer being forced into a situation where I must choose between housing and therapy.”

    Mission Accomplished. That was your plan all along.

  6. Howard Van Hunsenger Says:

    It’s a helleva thing to question a man’s motives. I say give Tore some respect, and wish him the best. I believe that things will all work out in the end, but I am also wise enough to realize I can’t effectuate change for the better by cudgeling Tore on the web.

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