Tore loves Eliza

I spent the day walking from place to place, mostly, ironically in a sort of quixotic trance walking up to strangers and asking them for directions to a wedding which so far does not appear to exist. I sometimes have to remind myself how this all began with simply falling in love.

I did considerable outreach today and generated a lot of traffic, but at this point, I am more interested in my Twitter page.

I really do not want to return to the shelter tonight. I’ve been sleeping in the shelters for months. I will have to go back to SafeBay tonight. If there was no rain, I would probably sleep outside. The conditions in the shelter are terrible. As I walked through the cancer survivor park, I read the plaques they have lining the sidewalk and it struck me there was a huge similarity between dealing with cancer and living in the homeless shelter in terms of the strain on mental conditions.

I continued to try to get the word out about Dollhouse.

I stayed so late at the Triple Rock cafe in hopes Eliza would show up that I was literally sleep walking back to the shelter at times. It was three in the morning when I returned to the shelter. My experiences at the Triple Rock were at times so surreal that I couldn’t help but feel an odd sense of deja vu.

Today, I finally had to throw out my own clothes because they smelled too much.

As the day progressed and my energy levels dropped, I had to stop wandering around and return to the park where I could catch up on some much needed sleep. I leaned back on the grass and drifted into a sleep that only began to refresh me.

I am haunted by the possibility that Eliza Dushku has not read my scripts, particularly the fourth script.

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  1. GET HELP NOW!!!!

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