Eliza Dushku’s Marriage to Tore Simonsen

On June 25, 2010 Tore Simonsen will marry Eliza Dushku if she agrees. If you know where and when, please provide details.

Groom Tore Simonsen

Triple Rock Social Club June 25, 2010

Triple Rock Social Club
629 Cedar Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55454-1220

The music tonight is Austin Lucas.


8 Responses to “Eliza Dushku’s Marriage to Tore Simonsen”

  1. Lila Norcutt Says:

    I am somewhat confused. How is it that you can expect to get married if you don’t know where the wedding is?

  2. Eddie Guraro Says:

    Can you tell us what you saw or heard that indicates a wedding is scheduled?

  3. Lila Norcutt Says:

    Do you have the marriage license? In Minnesota, there is a 5 day waiting period after you get the license.

  4. magnusbarfod Says:

    Oh, you prankster, you…

  5. 50% of the people got it. Wow.

  6. OK then Says:

    Um – stalker?

  7. get a job

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